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Updated: Aug 26

It is top season of summer, and with the recent re-opening of society from the COVID-19 shutdown, a great getaway trip with loved ones can be a road trip to visit the lavish gardens of three historic hotels: The Saint Paul Hotel, The American Club, and Grand Hotel. Sourcing from HistoricHotels.org, check out our top three hotel gardens.  - OXO, Flor Box

(Grand Hotel, Above Photo sourced from GrandHotel.com)

1. The Saint Paul Hotel (since 1920) 

Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota

This hotel was build nearly one-hundred years ago in 1920, and its garden has resemblances of the Victorian era still to this day. Located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, this hotel has regal and tenacity dating back to the Roaring 20s. The famous garden is self-sustainable due to the monthly twenty-six tons of food compost from the hotel kitchens. This massive garden feature primarily of six gardens: the Welcome garden, Perennial Garden, Grill Garden, Moon Garden, Spring Garden, and the Sunken Garden. According to HistoricHotels.org these gardens have more than two-hundred-fifty perennials and over sixty shrub roses planted each year. This hotel is also well-known for their beautifully decorated holiday lights showcased in the hotel's garden each holiday.

(The Saint Paul Hotel, Above Photo sourced from SaintPaulHotel.com)

2. The American Club (since 1918)

Location in Kohler, Wisconsin

Walter J. Kohler Sr., founder of the American Club Hotel, traveled to Europe, and after being  so impressed with the classic English Garden, Kohler was compelled to replicate this garden type at his founding hotel in 1918. Working with the Olmsted Brothers, the landscapers responsible for contributing towards the design of Central Park in New York City, landscape master plans were developed and reached full completion in 1977 with the leadership and design by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Each year there are over 7,500 annuals planted within this hotel's garden. Out of the multiple gardens on site, the most noteworthy gardens are the Wisconsin Courtyard and the Fountain Courtyard because of the grape vine arbors and historic solarium.

(The American Club, Above Photo sourced from AmericanClubResort.com)

3. Grand Hotel (since 1887)

Located in Mackinac Island, Michigan

The Grand Hotel dates back to 1887 and has been honored as a National Historic Landmark by the US Secretary of the Interior. Beginning with the well known classic front porch, the hotel's grounds features over twenty-five gardens spanning over an estimate of two acres. According to HistoricHotels.org on the front grounds alone, there are about 1,375 geraniums planted in one-hundred-forty-seven planting boxes. There are approximately 2,500 geraniums planted in its flower beds. The most popular gardens are Tea Garden, Wedding Garden, Triangle Gardens, Pool Gardens, and the Labyrinth. Lastly there is the Margaret's Garden serving as a local treat as a flower shop providing fresh flowers to the locals and hotel guests.

(Grand Hotel, Above Photo sourced from GrandHotel.com)

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