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Updated: Aug 27

Currently within the United States, our country is undergoing alarming amounts of protesting and civil unrest. Although US citizens are protesting for many causes, whether it be for social and political reform, criminal justice, equal rights for everyone, or for the economical stress from the recent COVID-19 shutdown, no matter the perspective, a call to action for change has been the the overall commonality amongst protesters. Here at Flor Box OXO, transparency is one of our core values, and therefore, in light of recent events, it would be best to feature a flower, Black-eyed Susan, that represents justice and encouragement for uncertain times within our country to show support for every US citizen, regardless of perspective, to refocus on the United States' core values of liberty and justice for all.

Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirt) represents you can do this, encouragement, justice, motivation, impartiality. - Flowerpaedia (2018) Authored by Cheralyn Darcey

According to the online resource, Encyclopedia Britannica, britannica.com (sourced in 2020),

Blacked-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) sources from North America and has origins from the family Asterceae. Reaching to the height of up to 30 inches, the flower has a small bulb-like bud encompassed with yellow or orange petals, thereby gaining the name Black-eyed Susan.  

Although the stems are narrow and tubular in shape, the leaves are large and bloom out towards the direction of the sun. Because of their similar traits, Black-eyed Susans are often confused with sunflowers. In comparison to sunflowers, these flowers are smaller in size and shape. Black-eyed Susans are often cultivated for annuals or utilized as perennials. The reason for their popularity is because these lovely flowers also attract birds and butterflies to most gardens!. 

- OXO, Flor Box

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