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Because weddings are so personal, most products and services offered to wedding clients are customized. Whether it is a custom bridal gown, custom photography session, custom wedding cake, or custom hair and make up style, custom flower design is no different. Because wedding events are personally customized, the referral from a hired and trusted professional, regardless of the profession, is tremendously influential. Being a local small business within the wedding industry, here at Flor Box OXO, we believe in community over competition. 

As a recently launched business within the floral industry, our main priority is to establish viable event industry networks. If you and your team are interested in partnership, be sure to complete our online information form and schedule a consultation with our team. We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to a potential collaboration. Flor Box OXO is committed to providing an an exclusive floral experience to ensure that our clients fall wildly in love with nature's beauty! - OXO, Flor Box 

Check out our top reasons for collaboration!

Bridal Dress Shops

Flowers alike a bridal gown are traditionally synonymous with weddings and elopements. Within our twenty-first century culture, the bridal gown, no matter the color, style, or price, is engrained within our normalized perception of a wedding; interestingly enough, so are the flowers! Even in the case of an elopement, the bride is more than willing to cut expenses with the exception of not forfeiting the bridal gown and a bundle of flowers. Sharing this commonality as fashion must-haves, our collaboration can be highly beneficial.

Wedding + Event Photographers

Enhance your photo and/or film portfolio with subject matter that will impress your instagram followers and book your next client. Providing the best subject matter is ensuring that your bride and groom are equipped with the best quality of props and backdrops with floral design. Giving credit where credit is due, professional photographers and videographers are essential to any event, because they are entrusted by their clients to document and narrate their story through media production. As florists, let us help you tell the story with interesting and dynamically featured props of floral design.

Event Planners + Day of Coordinators

Just like event planning, in our industry of flowers, the event details and overall first impressions are important. For example, professional planners specialize in creating not just an event, but an experience for clients and their guests. To maximize any first impression, the five senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch are necessary components for any event. With the exception of sound, as  florists, it is also our speciality to plan and successfully execute the  the following: perfect sight for floral design, provide a fragrant fresh floral smell, assign edible dessert flowers when necessary, and select the best touching texturized flowers and greenery possible. Floral design is a staple for any event, and as a collaborating team, we can make any event Post-worthy!

Caterers + Bakers

Whether it is a wedding, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower, the catering matters. Clients and their guests  may not remember every conversation from that event, but they will most certainly reflect back to the food and the overall vibe of the floral and event decorum. Also, when considering cake or desert garnishments, although sugar toppings are traditional, a growing organically-sourced trend has been edible flowers to top off the cake. Source your edible flowers from professional florists who have the industry connections to provide accessible imported exotic flowers for your next bridal menu.

Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists

A bride's morning of the wedding jitters usually flutters away the moment she looks up in the mirror after a beauty transformation from her hair and make up session; this similar affect also takes place once the bride is handed her floral bouquet. Just like hair and make up, the bridal bouquet transforms the fiancée into a bride ready for the alter. Metaphorically, just as her hair and make up may serve as the bride's shield of confidence, the bridal bouquet serves as her sword, warding off any insecurities that may surface just before the vows. Let's team up to create a force field for our brides, because they will be greatly thankful for our union!

Because wedding events are personally customized, the referral from a hired and trusted professional, regardless of the profession, is tremendously influential. - Flor Box OXO

If you have yet to sign up for our business to business partnership, be sure to review our on-boarding process to get started with our potential collaboration.

1. Sign Up Using Our Online Form
Simply complete our information form, providing details of your business and goals.

2. Schedule a Consultation With a FBOXO Member
Let's virtually meet and chat to get to know your brand, so we can creatively collaborate!

3. Once You Are Approved! Welcome to Our Proud Partnership
Based on our common goals, we can establish a successful business partnership!

Here at Flor Box OXO we are committed to providing the best client experience. Please contact us. SIGN UP HERE!

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