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Wedding season has officially arrived! The proposal has been confirmed, the wedding date has been saved, and the venue with catering has been selected, after announcing to your friends and family, now it is time to shop for the decor details to bring your vision to life. Now enters the wedding scene, Flor Box OXO, calm cool collected and most importantly flower savvy! Be sure to review our top 5 bloom essentials for any wedding celebration, and with your list of design preferences, contact us to schedule an exclusive flower consultation.

1. Flower Bouquets

Flower bouquets are synonymous with the wedding dress. Further meaning, whether it is a large storybook wedding to a simple elopement, two fashion must-haves are essential in the twenty-first century marriage ceremony: a dress and a handful of flowers. Bouquets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From classic round bouquets, glammed out pageantry bouquets, trailing cascading bouquets, or trendy wreath bouquets, your bridal bouquet sets the tone for your wedding design.

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2. Flower Centerpieces

Flower centerpieces alike their namesake serve precisely this duty of gathering the wedding guests together for a centered reception of celebration and support of the newly married couple. Because of this intricate responsibility, this flower design alike the bouquet proves vital to the overall wedding ambiance. Whether the centerpiece styles are classic flower arrangements, floating flowers paired with candles, elongated flowing floral greenery garlands, or repurposed bouquets, the centerpieces are an essential key to commemorating a wedding reception.

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3. Flower Accessories

Flower accessories are responsible for bringing the magic to any wedding decor. Often these cost effective wedding attributes can highlight a welcome table or it can bring an outdoor aisle to life with chair flowers coupled with sprinkled petals leading to the alter. From handsome eclectic boutonnieres to thoughtful endearing corsages for mother in laws, dress up your event with must have flower details for a memorable first impression.

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4. Flower Hairstyles

Flower hairstyles are timeless and are a traditional feature synonymous with the wedding gown and floral bouquet. Whether your bridesmaids or flower girls are showcasing a beautifully ensemble of floral headpieces, hair flowers are a fabulous way to standout from the guests. From custom handmade flower crowns, flower ribbons interlaced in a braid to a simple keepsake flower comb, flower hairstyles are always chic and en vogue.

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5. Flower Installations

Flower installations are the best investment for a bride and groom's wedding day! Flower installations are large flower presentations with complex structures that are custom designed and built with a team of professional florists. From flower chandeliers to a greenery interwoven curtained laced chuppah, showcase an unforgettable display of floral installations. There is only one special day for family and friends to celebrate the union of your love, invest in your wedding vision with floral installations. View Flower Installations

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