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Hello and Welcome!


When it comes to flowering your wedding experience, we thank you for selecting our flower team, and look forward to learning more about your vision. Next steps are to review our Welcome Guide, answer a few detailed questions, and schedule a detailed Design Review meeting.


When I first launched our exclusive online floral shop in 2020, my objective was to meet other #Goals post-worthy couples and share their unique story to the world. At the heart of it, our philosophy is to communicate your love story through nature's gift of flowers.


Thank you again for choosing Florboxoxo, we look forward to collaborating with you to create a memorable wedding experience!

OXO - Naia Geni


Founder + Bloom Believer

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Design is a reflection of our cultivated lifestyle! I personally invite you to follow my design journey @naiageni

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With your recent initial consultation and proposal review, we were able to identify our flower possibilities and narrow down our design list to the essentials. Next steps, we will explore design options to build out the vision for your special day. Be sure to provide your event details and schedule a design meeting!

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For our line of communication, as collaborators it is best to contact our team via email. If there are urgent updates please contact us via phone.

Our Design Review meeting provides our team with the necessary details to flower your day. So that we are designing and planning right away, please submit your wedding questionnaire and checklist.

We are thankful that you have chosen our team, and so to extend our gratitude, please keep an eye out for post mail for our client appreciation postcard!


Once the client questionnaire has been submitted, we look forward to scheduling a design consultation. In this meeting, we aim to formally and virtually meet you and your fiancé to discuss the details and wedding planning timeline.

For questions, please shoot us a quick email or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.



Only if applicable, all payment arrangements are due at least four weeks before the event date. Please review your contract for payment details.

For the big day, our team will arrive to set up hours before the vows. When you all have concluded your memorable wedding day to celebrate your union with your honeymoon, as an option, our team will be taking down the florals and concluding our services. 


Our flower team is actively processing daily flower deliveries and designing event floral installations,
and although every client's time is valued, to optimize and streamline our client discussions,
please review our preferred method of communications, and schedule a time to chat.

Business Hours

Our business hours are from Monday - Sunday, 7am - 4pm MST. Florboxoxo is committed to executing weddings and events, therefore on Fridays - Sundays, our flower team is primarily focused on current scheduled client weddings and/or events.

Response Time

Please allow up to two (2) business days for response time on all communication. Please allow extended response time during the weekend as Florboxoxo will provide the same level of service and commitment to all pre-scheduled client weddings and/or events.

Preferred Contact Method

If there are questions or updates, contact us via email. Because there are multiple phases within the floral design process, we provide our clients with the opportunity to schedule a Client Check In. Please review your custom Design Review to schedule a quick check in.



Our flower policies are communicated and enforced to ensure that our flower team can provide an optimal client experience. Although, there are some policies highlighted below, we encourage our clients to refer back to their contract for details. Our clients can also reach out to a team member for questions.

Payment Plans

Only if applicable, all payment arrangements are due at least four weeks before the event date. There are no occurred late fees. Please review your contract for payment details. 

Add-On Services

To ensure internal organization, after signing the contract,

the add on service fees can increase up to 10%, and cannot decrease for any reason. Review your contract for details.

Design Meetings

After one complimentary rescheduling, additional requests to reschedule a meeting will incur a rescheduling and adjustment fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) to reserve a new time.

Timeline Milestone

Although each phase within our design process is important, the final submission of our design proposal marks the milestone of finalization within our floral design process.

Design Results

Please keep note: our collaborated design proposal is a design concept loosely based on inspiration only, therefore the final product will vary on flower availability and size.

Rental Supplies

Only if applicable, all props/vessel rentals are the property of Florboxoxo. Client(s) are billed for any props and/or vessel rentals that are not returned within 48 hours post event. 



Our flower resources provide a detailed roadmap for our clients. Our client experience consists of communication channels, design proposals, project timelines, and access to industry networks.
To ensure the best client experience, we encourage our clients to utilize our resources.


In your custom Design Review, be sure to set up and log into your exclusive client portal with Florboxoxo. 

Here, you can keep track of our emails, review your contract, flower timeline, and design proposal


Our flower timeline will always be a working progress. Because of the nature of design revisions, event schedules, and supply chains, our flower timeline is tentative. Review our FAQ for resources.


Once we have completed our flower design meeting, you will receive a customized design proposal and blueprint. This design proposal is a loose inspiration

and design concept only, the actual design varies.


Here within our client welcome guide, we have provided an articulated list of partnered affiliations within our industry network. Be sure to reach out for

resources and discounts. 

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Publication features for wedding magazines and bridal blogs provide our flower team with the
opportunity to showcase our design and promote your beautiful wedding to a national audience.
To process your wedding media, please consult with your photographer for a release timeline.

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At Florboxoxo, we strive to understand our client and partner experiences.

Your opinion is valuable.


To improve our products and services, please provide your honest feedback with an optional survey, leave a review, or simply refer us to a friend!



 As a local small business, our aim is to build a viable reputation, so our focus is to provide post-worthy results for our clients and partners within the event industry. To increase our online visibility and social reach, be sure to follow and refer Florboxoxo to friends and family!

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Our recently launched campaign, #FlowerFacts is a great place to educate yourself and your wedding party on hot topics such as wedding essentials and resources.

We discuss exciting topics from our humble beginnings, the latest signature flower collections, to industry updates. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive our

flower community updates and discounts. 

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