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OXO Proposal Review

In support of our clients, we have provided our Proposal Review. Our flower team provides exclusive details such as essential flower items, design styles, and pricing options. After reviewing this customized proposal review, for questions or proposal updates contact us via email or simply schedule a pricing consultation.

Wolfe Anniversary


With our recent consultation completed, review the details for your proposal.

Once you have selected our flower team, schedule a pricing consultation for questions.

To move forward, you can sign our client agreement and schedule your design meeting.


Based on our initial phone consultation combined with your flower priority scale of 1 to 5,

we have summed up your personal priority for floral design. Know that here at Flor Box OXO,

we collaborate with your individual flower values and will customize your experience accordingly.


You truly value flowers! You genuinely care about your guest experience and you want post-worthy event photos to last for generations to come!

* Are we correct with your flower priority score?

If you disagree with your score, please contact us for an update.


If your flower budget does not meet the expectations of your design vision,
simply review our top solutions on how you can effectively cut back on itemized expenses.
Keep your numbers low with your flower items and guest count, or replace flowers with greenery.


The amount of people on your guest list or the amount of tables for your guests equate to the amount of needed flowers.


Whether its flower accessories or flower installations, the type of design, size, and labor is itemized for pricing.


Flowers, especially popular blooms can be more expensive. Save with less flowers and simply add more greenery. 


With our entire list of flower options communicated during our initial phone consultation the following
flower items prove essential to optimizing your event experience for you and your invited guests.
Keep in mind, the listed flower items can be replaced and customized to best fit your flower needs.

Cabaret Table Centerpieces

This item proves essential because with each table, it is a great inclusive opportunity to make your guests feel appreciated. This arrangement strategy is optimal for guest experience.

Entryway Flowers

This item proves essential because first impressions matter. It will be the focal point for you as a host when arriving guests are greeted and welcomed to your event.

Table Centerpieces

This item proves essential simply due to its positioning and placement on the table. Enjoying the event menu with active conversation, guests are looking at this item all evening long.



* Please note the flower itemization photos are examples only and are courtesy of Pinterest.com

Mini Compotes

Cabaret Tables

Minimize the flower checklist with simple and clean floral arrangements strategically encased in modern yet simple containers.

Pillar Flowers


This gorgeous display of greenery and florals are absolutely stunning! Gently gathered arrangements also grace the top of the frame!



This versatile design offers a wide range of a diverse flowers and greenery arranged onto a singular amphora-like vase.


OXO Client Appreciation

Only when our Bloom Design Style is purchased, in support of our event clients,
our flower team provides a complimentary flower item to your event. Check out the details! 

Guest Plate Settings

Receive complimentary plate settings for your guests when you purchase our exclusive Bloom Design Style. This flower item features a simple ensemble of greenery placed at each guests' plate for the dinner.


Too often, flower experts are asked as to why are flowers so expensive? From sow to harvest, flowers are sourced from local and international farms. While flowers are mass produced, because this beautiful product has a shelf life, labor, preservation, and transportation are key factors for high pricing.


From seed to bloom expert growers cultivate fresh flowers.


Flowers are distributed and selected by exclusive florists.


Cut flowers are professionally 

processed for preservation.


Every single flower stem is stripped and cleaned for design.


Flowers are carefully packed with sustainability and protection.


With planning, precision, and expertise, flowers are designed.


- Did you know according to our industry experts at BRIDES.com

Your flower cost should be no less than 10% of your entire event budget!


Flowers have served as the symbolism of love and union for centuries, and these delicate beauties continue to shape and influence weddings from a diverse range of cultures all around the world.


It's no secret, flowers have the innate capability of transforming any event experience. For questions or proposal updates contact us via email or simply schedule a pricing consultation!



Here at Flor Box OXO, our team values client referrals and therefore we prioritize our clients.

We understand each client is different within their specific reason for choosing our flower team,

and it is imperative to provide customization in effort to meet those flower needs.

September 12 2020

Luke + Megan

The Golden Hotel

Naia at Flor Box OXO was incredible to work with. We had to switch venues last minute due to COVID and Naia worked with us quickly and efficiently, while paying close attention to our floral and wedding vision. She was incredibly accommodating, personable, and created beautiful floral arrangements that aligned with our wedding vision. We definitely recommend Flor Box OXO to couples planning weddings and other events. She really made the event space pop and I was in awe of the beautiful arrangements and bouquets she designed for us. Our flowers were tremendously beautiful!

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 6.14.06 AM.png

Megan Shubin

August 1 2020

Matt + Liza 

The Club at Rolling Hills

Everything was included in the quote and Naia turned our outdoor tent venue into a beautiful green and floral space. She was able to incorporate my visions and helped us ensure we had everything we needed (especially important when you don’t know all of the spaces and possibilities you might need or want decorations). And she was flexible with us during the pandemic with all of the unknowns about our day. When our wedding came around, she was on time with everything assembled beautifully. As a bonus, most of our flowers held up to the extremely hot August day for up to a week after the wedding.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 2.54.21 PM.png

Liza Bollinger

April 18 2020

Paul + Ashley

Ken Karl Vista

I learned so much about flowers! Naia informed me of which flowers were in season and which color palettes worked best for my theme. She is incredibly knowledgable about flowers! I showed her my look book and she created what I envisioned. The best feature was my bouquet! I received so many compliments all evening long. I was shocked and pleased when I received the finished product. I would recommend Flor Box OXO team. They were attentive and on time. My bouquet was stunning and was a final piece of my puzzle, completing my perfect wedding day!

Image by Allen Taylor

Ashley Smith