Spring season is upon us, presenting the perfect time to update household organizing

and to implement new innovative routines. Review useful tips on immune boosting

floral remedies and outdoor strategies for prepping your winter garden for this spring season!



Wedding season has officially arrived!  Now it is time to shop for the decor details to bring your vision to life. Be sure to review our top five bloom essentials for any wedding celebration, and with your list of design preferences, contact us to schedule an exclusive flower consultation.



Flowers are the gift that keeps giving! For instance, certain roses can be utilized for recipes! Throughout baking or placing, roses often keep their shape and is tender and sweet to taste. From roses to our beloved lavender, review our most popular edibles. Flor Box OXO has curated a list for the top 6 most common edible flowers you may have already sampled!



Despite its common use within floral design, flowers are multifaceted plants.

From edible flower recipes, healing floral remedies, flower meanings, to garden cultivation,

as a bloom community, let's explore the cultural and historical influence of flowers.


There is no doubt that the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its economical distress has caused a tremendous rippling affect on governmental structures, businesses, and families. Check out our suggestions on how to uplift with flowers awhile building towards a new normal.

Image by Alvin Mahmudov

COVID-19 Weddings

Check out our suggestions on how to best navigate during the wedding season amidst COVID-19, while staying safe.

Image by Tonik

Thank You First Responders

Protectors and healers of our community, on the behalf of

Flor Box OXO, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Flat lay styled fashion feminine office

Work From Home

Check out our top three ways to secure healthy thriving indoor flowers to decompress awhile working from home.


This spring season is a great opportunity to learn or freshen up on must have flower essentials. Whether our resources can be utilized for DIY wedding arrangements or a fabulous floral arrangement for an outdoor family barbecue, check out our top three flower books to spruce up your home or next DIY event!



In support of our clients, we have launched an exclusive platform for our online updates.

OXO Latest News is a great place to introduce yourself to our brand here at Flor Box OXO.

Stay connected with the latest industry trends and collection inspirations. 

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Editor + Designer

Serving as a designer and environmental advocate, curating from her home-studio, Naia Geni is excited to launch a new resource for floral design.  

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