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Updated: May 7

Floral shoppers are yearning for a more personalized experience and product.

Our team at Florboxoxo understands the value of establishing and maintaining personal and professional connections. Our exclusive monthly flower boxes can serve as an excellent tool for gifts or home and office décor.

Benefits of Monthly Subscription Flower Boxes

Membership subscriptions provide monthly fresh flowers delivered straight to your door. The benefits of a Florboxoxo membership include stylizing your home and office décor or simply gifting a flower box to further build your personal or professional network. Also, members receive exclusive access to our signature and seasonal OXO Collections with an additional 10% off discount for all services and products. Lastly, the best benefit of our monthly membership is the opportunity to reward yourself with a designed flower box each month. Besides, you deserve it!


OXO Subscription | How It Works

Once a Florboxoxo membership plan has been selected, a monthly flower box will be delivered by each month's fifteenth (15th) day. Billing will incur on the same purchase day of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. Flower selection does vary on seasonal availability, and design is at the discretion of Florboxoxo. Due to the courtesy of possible gifting, recipients will not receive an invoice of the payment information, only an itemization receipt to ensure the correct product. Personalized messages can be included with the flower box delivery as well. Florboxoxo membership plans include monthly (30 days), quarterly (3 months), and annual (12 months) subscriptions. - OXO

Step 1 - Order Online for Monthly Flower Subscriptions
Step 2 - Send Flower Boxes for Home or Office Decor
Step 3 - Receive Flower Delivery Straight to Your Door


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At Florboxoxo, our team prioritizes shipping and handling in sequence with our client experience. Review our shipping policy, and for questions, please reach out to our team to contact us.

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About Us | Florboxoxo

Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. From our online shop based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with professional arborists to arrange a creative blend of fashionably fun flowers delivered for any celebration!

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