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Florboxoxo | A Country Club Wedding at Wellshire Inn

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A Modern Wedding at a Historic Golf Country Club, the Wellshire Event Center

This chic wedding took place in one of the most revered historic country clubs in Denver, Colorado, the Wellshire Inn. The lovely couple cohesively selected a posh and clean-lined aesthetic all the while paying homage to the nostalgic echo of a century old ambiance from within this archaic old English, Tudor styled golf country club. Flowered by Florboxoxo, event coordinated by Wellshire Event Center’s Katie Shapiro, and photographed by Alicia Delia Photography, the couple, Cameron and Natalie, selected archway door flowers, ceremony aisle flower pillars, ceremony arch flowers, reception flower table centerpieces, and an outdoor flower wall. This socialite couple enjoyed a homecoming fit for royalty with a historic Wellshire Inn wedding!

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A heart shaped sweet cream frothed cappuccino was the inspiration for this decadent white peony bridal bouquet, perfect for a contemporary wedding at the historic country club, Wellshire Event Center. - Florboxoxo

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Florboxoxo white peony bridal bouquet Wellshire Event Center wedding
Wellshire Event Center White Peony Bridal Bouquet

Wellshire Wedding Floral Design

A heart shaped sweet cream frothed cappuccino was the inspiration for this decadent white peony bridal bouquet, perfect for a contemporary wedding at the historic country club, Wellshire Event Center. A whipped vanilla bean affogato themed coffeehouse was our floral design concept when collaborating a modern wedding with an old English manor styled backdrop. Shop this wedding flower list to replicate our flower design at home!

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Wellshire Event Center Flower Decor Essentials

With careful consideration to this transitional design aesthetic of an old English styled country club, such as the Wellshire Inn, paired with contemporary elements of modern fashion forward attire with wedding acrylic accessories, for our design concept we boldly interlaced the two contrasting themes with a cozy café latte bar inspired floralscape design. With cappuccino roses as a focal flower, our team of florists were able to layer in a color story with textures that were cohesive to that of a traditional café menu such as a freshly steamed milky haven macchiato, a foamy whipped salted caramel Vienna, or a sweet cream affogato. Alike most café latte shop experiences, there is an old world meets new era atmosphere, and our design focus was to recreate this distinctive coffee shop ethos with our wedding floral design.

As a transitional style, bridging from old English to contemporary, this comprised of the strategic continual use of supporting metallic materials featuring hues of gold finished chalices and accessories with shades of textured copper. When it applied to the ceremony aisle's growing garland flower pillars or the ceremony flower arch, bold isolated shapes were beholden to our design commitment for combining a contemporary gallery aesthetic. From our flower tablescapes to our event flower installations, our café latte inspired design theme served as a great inspiration for this contemporary and traditional -- thus transitional styled wedding at the Wellshire Event Center.

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Florboxoxo floral design for weddings bridesmaids flower bouquets groomsmen boutonnieres Wellshire Event Center

Florboxoxo ceremony flower arch bridal bouquet Grace Loves Lace wedding dress Wellshire Event Center wedding
Grace Loves Lace Wedding Dress

Wellshire Wedding Dress and Style

The groom and his groomsmen lined the alter loyally awaiting the bridal party arrival in dapper tailored navy blue three-piece vested suits by Vera Wang. To add a personal touch, with the exception of muted nude pink ties highlighted by the groomsmen, the groom fashioned a peacock blue paisley tie with custom indigo stitched initials at his cufflinks. As a finishing touch, the groomsmen stepped out in unison with patina cognac derby styled dress shoes. Upon the anticipated arrival of the bridal party, the bridesmaids naturally transitioned the wedding ceremony aisle into a runway as the bride's favorite ladies waltzed toward the alter with assorted champagne silk and sultry dresses from the trendy online boutique, Show Me Your Mu Mu.

The wedding party was not complete without the couple's darling puppy who made guests giggle with glee as this adorable pooch joyfully pounced down the aisle in a rose embroidered dog floral collar. The glamorous bride dawned a stunning timeless silhouette gown featuring a slender strap V-neckline double dipping into an exposed low back fitted bodice gradually flaring into a gorgeous trumpet styled wedding dress with an elegant chapel train from Australia's very own wedding boutique, Grace Loves Lace. Following the modern trend of forgoing a traditional veil, this gorgeous bride was ushered down the aisle showcasing her bridal hairstyle of blonde highlighted long flowing curls and romantic evening glam makeup by Pauline Castro's PLC Mobile Beauty.

To jazz up the evening festivities, for the reception dress, this hospitable wedding hostess made a wedding fashion forward statement when she changed from her ceremony silhouette wedding gown into an alluring yet fabulous strapless sweetheart neckline wedding cocktail dress showcasing an oversized chiffon bow. Whether our wearable flowers were flowered boutonnieres or blooming bouquets, our two-toned sweet cream and cappuccino roses were perfect for this combined contemporary and traditional styled country club wedding!

Florboxoxo floral design for weddings flower table centerpieces Wellshire Event Center Weddings

Wellshire Event Center Wedding Entertainment and Menu

After the contemporary gallery inspired ceremony in the snow white sheer draped Mountain View Pavilion, the festivities began with an indoor cocktail hour in Wellshire Event Center's renowned Onyx Lounge where guests were formally greeted by the recently newly wedded couple. The stoned wooded hearth was decorated in frosty white draping floral with a matching frosted flower garland for the gaudy framed wax sealed guest seating chart. The contemporary cool white icing florals against the warm chocolate wooded Tudor styled backdrop created an earnest welcoming ambiance. With the English manor styled lounge opening out to a beautiful iron gated terrace with a stunning view of the lush green century old golf course, there in the iron arbored garden, guests mingled and embraced in front of a post worthy simple flower hedge inspired rose flower wall.

After cocktail hour, the guests were led into the Cambridge Room featuring floor to ceiling ebony arched windows overlooking the plush golf course. Guests took to their seats to experience a golden delight of glowing tapered candles, modern acrylic table signage, rose gold flatware with matching beaded gold rimmed acrylic plate chargers, and shimmering golden brushed goblet-like fragrant flower centerpieces. The wedding menu, catered in house by Wellshire Event Center, consisted of plated roasted beef with an option for braised chicken and fresh sprouts.

For dessert, catered by the local bakery, Meraki Cakes, the gold speckled three-tiered cake showcased blooming cake flowers. As a personal treat on behalf of the bride's favorite ice cream parlor, Denver's iconic Little Man's Ice Cream catered additional desert with scooped handmade ice cream cones. Just before heartwarming champagne toasts, the bride and groom shared their first dance with their lovable puppy to the 1959 classic Flamingos' ballad, "I Only Have Eyes for You." Customary for its legendary socialite dinner parties, here at the historic Wellshire Inn, guests pumped up the volume with DJ Connection and boogied all evening long under the light lined sheer draped shimmering chandelier.

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Florboxoxo floral design for weddings Wellshire Event Center Wedding Flowers
Wellshire Event Center Wedding

Wellshire Event Center Wedding Venue

Since 1926, nearly a century ago, this Tudor styled historic country club has been a novel cornerstone within the affluent Wellshire Southern Hills Denver neighborhood. From its bold steep pitched A-line gabled roof with prominent rustic brick exterior to its columned medieval glass-stained windowpanes, this iconic country club spans out to 140-acre golf course designed by legendary Golf Hall of Famed, Donald Ross. What’s more, an exclusive bridal suite and groom’s parlor are accessible as well. Whether this venue’s aesthetic features ornamental stag antler chandeliers, an old English manor distinguished heavily wooded arched door or 19th century oiled street lamps, this all-inclusive venue, Wellshire Event Center, has an eclectic intimate atmosphere perfect for an influential couple hosting a transitional styled country club wedding!


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