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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Winter is coming...and with the new season upon us, it teaches families across the world the value of reflection and appreciation. In the season of winter, often times the leaves feather into a golden crisp falling from branches, leaving the trees barren and exposed, the lakes freeze over with a thick shellac of ice, the chirping birds fly towards the equator, the animals hibernate within the earth, and the wild plants recede into dormancy...nature is asleep. Throughout the silent nights of winter, the environmental change provides us with the opportunity for reflection. With annual traditions at the forefront, it brings about appreciation for our family gatherings in hopes to light our hearts' hearth with warm holiday cheer!

Whether you simply order an arrangement online or you collaborate with one of our florists to design an elaborate holiday floral wreath complimented with centerpieces, make a memorable impression this holiday with a lovely holiday floral arrangement for your Christmas dinner party!

Here at Flor Box OXO, we celebrate the season for flower dormancy and hibernation; for the winter season teaches us the valuable lesson of reflection and appreciation!

– OXO, Flor Box

Introducing the debut of Flor Box OXO design collection for Winter 2019: Berry Pine. The namesake for Berry Pine has been selected and promoted for this season's debut collection for the traditional celebration of the holly berry. Holly berries are often associated with the holiday season because for centuries, holly has served as a cultural symbol for happiness and peace. Pine represents self forgiveness and faith. During the holiday season, we all could use a bit of holiday Berry Pine. The holiday season brings joy for scented pine cones and fresh blankets of snow featuring color palettes and textures of powdery white, evergreen pines, and berry red. The collaboration of florals and fruit such as blueberry twigs, winter rose, snow white carnations, and cedar pine are a must have for the holiday celebrations!

- OXO, Flor Box

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