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Updated: May 7

It is no secret that a rose is one of the most demanded flowers and is recognized as the symbol of love on a global scale. Although there are at least over fifty well-known varieties of roses throughout the world, and each is an indication of love, for time's sake, we will only mention our most sought-after roses for Valentine's Day.

According to Flowerpaedia (2018), authored by environmental artist and floral specialist Cheralyn Darcey, the colors of a rose can have different meanings. For instance, the white rose represents truth, protection, and purity. The pink rose expresses thankfulness and gratitude, appreciation, and desire.

As for the red rose, this flower represents love, respect, courage, passion, lust, relationship, unity, and beauty.

The gifting of flowers, specifically roses, became significant due to the cultural influence of greek mythology and its praise for the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Mythology states that a rose bush grew from the ground from the blood of her lost lover, Adonis. The Romans, who also hailed Aphrodite as Venus, upheld the rose symbol of love and beauty in honor and celebration.

According to the online resource Encyclopedia Britannica, britannica.com (sourced in 2020), the rose, otherwise referred to as Rosacea, is a part of the perennial shrubs within the rose family (Genus). These flowers can be sourced from northern hemisphere regions and are native to Asia, North America, and Europe. Today, an average rose can range in color and fragrances sourcing from professional crossbreeding techniques.

There are popular classes of roses. For instance, Hybrid Tea Roses are sourced from crossbreeding Hybrid Perpetual Roses. Polyantha Roses produce dense and hardy roses in tiny blossoms, and Floribunda Roses are vigorous hybrids crossing from Hybrid Teas with Polyanthas. Grandiflora Roses are new hybrids resulting from crossbreeding Hybrid Teas and Floribunda Roses. The Damask Rose is the most utilized perfume fragrance of all rose family variations. Rosehips, the edible and fleshy berry-like fruit, are high in vitamin C and are often found in teas and preservatives.

Cheers to the legacy of the rose! - OXO, Flor Box


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