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Updated: May 7

Historically, medical practitioners and religious healers have utilized the healing properties of certain flowers. Flowers can often be associated with uplifting energy and emotions with basic natural properties such as appearance, fragrance, and colors.

Dr. Edward Bach, one of the leading founders and promoters of flower therapy in the early 1900s had presented his discoveries: "Flower Therapy," otherwise known as "Bach Flower Remedies." The remedies can be loosely compared to homeopathy or vibrational medicine. According to Dr. Bach, flowers are carriers of specific energetic information. Flowers can re-tune those vibrations within the organism which seem to be confused or non-harmonic. With flower therapy, rebalancing and encouraging the self-healing processes within the individual can then take effect. (WebMD.com sourced in 2020)

Whether it's celebratory or overcoming sorrows, flowers are used to comfort and nurture people. As we enter into a new decade and a new year of 2020, supply yourself and your loved ones with your favorite flowers. You never know who may need healing! - OXO


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