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Flower centerpieces serve precisely this duty of gathering the wedding guests together for a centered reception of celebration and support of the newly married couple. The centerpiece is the epicenter of promised laughter and conversation. It is responsible for sparking a connection between two families now lawfully combined into one. The centerpiece reunites long lost friends and lights the journey of building new friendships out of mutual acquaintances. The table centerpieces of the wedding reception is meaningful to your guests and therefore it is important. Check out our top 5 centerpieces every wedding should feature. - OXO, Flor Box

1. Classic Vase Arrangement

This classic table arrangement has served as a staple for centuries, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Types of flowers and greenery can vary in shapes and sizes according to design preferences. The vases also may vary in shape and size as well. Placing theses arrangements as center focal points on tables of round or squared, small or large in size can vary; either way, this centerpiece is the most versatile for any wedding theme and design.

2. Table Garland Arrangement

The table garland arrangement has been dawning table tops at celebratory events since Ancient Greece, and continues to evolve into what is now a trendy bridal bouquet. (See Bouquet Styles). The style, shape, and size may vary based on design preferences. For instance, there are options for a classic garland with greenery or it can have flowers all throughout. Although garlands can showcase on any size table in any wedding theme, garlands are great for a warm family style of catering with encouragement for conversation.

3. Table Wreath Arrangement

The table wreath has also been around for centuries, even dating back to as far as Ancient Rome. The table wreath style is diverse in style especially when adding fruit or flowers to the foundational greenery. The types of tables may also vary in size in shape, with table wreathes. Accessories such as lamps, candles, monograms, table numbers, etc. can be featured within the center of the wreath. Table wreaths are best for all wedding styles.

4. Floating Flowers Arrangement

Floating flowers are a recent trend which has emerged within the last century. With elongated glass cylinders, usually single flower stems are placed into the vases traditionally topped with a small candle floating onto a filled vase of water. This combination of materials and elements of fire lit candles and water emersion creates a floating appearance. Flowers such as roses, dahlias, lilies, and more can serve best with these designs. Alike most centerpieces, this contemporary design can be paired with tables of all sorts of sizes and shapes. For optimal results, this design is best for an indoor, dim lit venue.