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Updated: May 7

Flower accessories are responsible for bringing the magic to any wedding decor. Often these cost effective wedding attributes can highlight a welcome table or it can bring an outdoor aisle to life with chair flowers coupled with sprinkled petals leading to the alter. From handsome eclectic boutonnieres to thoughtful endearing corsages for mother in laws, dress up your event with must have flower details for a memorable first impression. Check out our top 14 flower accessories to enhance the wedding experience!



1. Cake Flowers

Cake flowers are essential for any wedding catered reception, and although this style had waned into the background during the early twentieth century, dating back to the Victorian era, cake flowers are now back by demand. Tossing out the bride and groom statues from the late 90s, sugared flowers are now being replaced with real organic, and sometimes edible flowers to top wedding cakes. For good reason, cake flowers provide a delicious and gorgeous cake display that emphasizes an organic element that awakes our basic instincts for nature. Whether the desert is a cake or cupcakes, flowering sweet treats is the best decision.


2. Place Setting Flowers

Place setting flowers have been adorned by many celebratory guests dating back to Ancient Greece. Stemming from the origins of table garlands, place setting flowers or greenery has always set the tone for gathered guests for a feeling of welcome and appreciation. Whether the place cards are individually addressed by name or there is a table number for that designated group, having something as simple as a single lavender or lemon leaf stem can be thoughtful. If providing place settings for the entire guest list is out of the budget, consider treating at least honorary guests such as the wedding party or bride and groom with a stem.


3. Flower Petals

Flower petals are multi-use for design details. Of course flower petals can be utilized for the ceremony aisle leading to the alter. Also, flower petals can be creatively used for table decorum with alongside centerpieces. Lastly flower petals can be thrown as a celebratory send off instead of bubbles or rice. Sprinkled on the guest tables and desert tables, the flower petals can create a soft tonality for any stylized wedding.