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Flower installations are the best investment for a bride and groom's wedding day! Flower installations are large flower presentations with complex structures that are custom designed and built with a team of professional florists. From flower chandeliers to a greenery interwoven curtained laced chuppah, showcase an unforgettable display of floral installations. There is only one special day for family and friends to celebrate the union of your love, invest in your wedding vision with our top 10 floral installations. - OXO, Flor Box

1. Greenery + Garlands

Greenery and garlands, popularized since Ancient Greece, have served as a staple for celebratory events for centuries. This simple yet impressionable design of elongated greenery wiring all throughout the venue provides a natural and calming aesthetic for many event guests. Greenery and garlands are a cost effective way to decorate wedding ceremonies and receptions. Creative designing with greenery involves spiraling along entry ways, chairs, tables, and light fixtures. Send a simple and classic impression for wedding guests with greenery and garlands.

2. Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers or otherwise referred to as curtain flowers, had gained its notoriety from the ceremonial rituals sourcing from Ancient Indian and Asian cultures. This tedious design involves laborious hours of delicate hand craftsmanship and attention to detail. Because of this necessary artistry, this flower installation is expensive. Given the WOW factor from guests in addition to this designs' post-worthiness, it is totally worth the investment. Hanging flowers can be utilized for an entryway or simply serve as a creative backdrop for a photo booth. Either way, this design is a fabulous choice for any wedding, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower!

3. Flower Wreaths

Flower wreaths have been utilized for centuries throughout many cultures. It was not until the floral wreath was adorned by the Ancient Romans, did this design become popularized for celebrations.

Whether the wreaths feature colorful blooms or it is made up of all greenery, wreaths have a versatility in design. This cost effect installation can hang from doors of a cathedral, mantled on a pergola at the altar, or simply be displayed at the head of a sweetheart table. Play up to the current season or keep it quaint with full greenery, either way, wreaths are a resourceful design installation for any themed wedding.

4. Flower Pillars + Urns

Flower pillars have been a staple for ceremonies since Ancient Greece.

Most floral pillars are made up of ceramic and stone materials, giving almost a statuesque appearance. This design is most notably showcased in traditional garden party weddings. Although pillars have been presented in an indoor setting since the Victorian era, pillars are at their best when presented in an outdoor setting. Pairing as pillars at the end of the alter or as entryway floral pieces at the top of the church steps, the pillars will most certainly hold a variety of flowers and will no doubly continue to be a staple for weddings for centuries more to come!

5. Flower Staircase

Floral staircases are synomonus with the greenery and garland installations, and of course with the exception of adding delightful blooms, this design is specified to highlighting only staircases. Modern staircases absent of bannisters, or classic staircases with wood and iron bannisters can be adorned with the magical details of flowers and greenery. Short staircases or spiraled staircases, this design is classically chic! This design is great for the couple who appreciate bringing the essence of outdoors inside. Set the tone with a floral staircase installation.

6. Flower Chandelier

Flower chandeliers became notably popularized during the Georgian era in Europe. This intimate design takes tremendous skillset and requires attention to detail. Because of the necessities of craftsmanship, this flower installation is an upscale investment. A flower chandelier can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This gorgeous design can swing from an outdoor tent at a garden reception or it can swing on a pergola overlooking a mountainous view, either backdrop, a flower chandelier is a trophy decor installation that is post-worthy for any nuptial event!

7. Chuppah + Wedding Canopy

The chuppah or otherwise known as a wedding canopy, has been in traditional use for centuries, originating from the Jewish culture. The chuppah symbolizes the new home of the bride and groom within faith and unity. This wonderfully built structure is designed and assembled by skilled florists, therefore with laborious craftsmanship, this installation is an upscale investment. With flower and greenery combined with billowing curtains of sheer chiffon or tulle, this canopy is completely customizable and will serve as a memorable design.

8. Geometric Round Arch

The geometric round arch has direct origins stemming from the wedding canopy otherwise referred to as a chuppah. Sourcing from the Jewish culture, this modernized design has evolved into a dynamic shape of a round circle symbolizing protection and harmony for the bride and groom. This contemporary design can be placed at the altar or it can be placed as a stunning backdrop for the sweetheart table. Whatever the wedding theme, the floral arch takes a skilled team of florists and is well worth the investment.

9. Archway + Entryway Flowers

The archway or otherwise referred to as entryway floral design has significant origins of the greenery and garlands design. In relation to the garland, this design dates back to Ancient Greece as well. With the complex structure, this floral installation is worth the investment. With centuries of adaptions all throughout the world, this archway design can serve as cathedral-gothic theme or it can take up a magical fairytale theme. In other words, this chameleon design can adapt to any entryway creating a welcoming upscale ambiance to any wedding ceremony.

10. Flower Wall

The floral wall is a stunningly remarkable artistic expression of floral evolution. The exact origins of flower walls are up for discussion as to whether if this delicate art form is derived from the imitation of the literal wallflower canvases popularized in the 1500s or it is a modern mobilized garden wall cut out of a European labyrinth. Regardless of origin, it does not change the fact that this larger than life beauty can serve as a fabulous backdrop for a photo booth for guests, or a backdrop for the bride and groom at their sweetheart table. This installation is memorable and a true work of art!

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