Florboxoxo | Wedding Flowers | Vase Styles

Updated: May 7

Just like flowers, vases can tell stories and paint a picture of an event as well. Whether it is the shape and size, or the color and texture, vases reveal certain aspects of the natural anatomy of a flower arrangement. Depending on the style and strategic placement of a vase, it can encourage heartwarming communication amongst guests or it can cause unbefitting friction at the reception tables. Choosing the right vase to carry out the given theme of an event or wedding is vital to creating the overall ambiance for guests and hosts. Review our top 10 vases to consider when designing a flower arrangement. - OXO, Flor Box


1. Bud Vases

Bud vases are a beneficial asset for farm, rustic, garden, fairytale, and minimal themed weddings. Adding a silk bow or twine can enhance the appearance. Bud vases have a bottleneck sized opening with a large body and can vary based on round or square shapes. Bud vases are defined within the perimeters of this bottleneck shape therefore literal bottles such as a wine or whiskey bottle can also be beneficial. Keep in mind, only one to two buds can suffice in this type of vase.


2. Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars serve as a southern nod to farm style and rustic themed weddings. With lace or twine, this repurposed jar can add a cute and cozy vintage welcome for wedding guests. Mason jars can be utilized for centerpieces, aisle markers, or simply strung alongside the pillars of greenery in an outdoor setting. Keep in mind, with the narrow rim and wide body, only a minimum amount of flowers can comfortably fit into these jars.


3. Cylinder Vases

Cylinder vases serve as a contemporary theme to display in a modern or city based wedding. With ribbon of silk or satin, this glass vase elevates into a lavishly styled centerpiece. Maximizing the transparency, with water and candles, this vase can transform the entire reception room into a romantically lit ambiance for any newlywed couple. Keep in mind, depending on size, flowers may vary.