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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Just like flowers, vases can tell stories and paint a picture of an event as well. Whether it is the shape and size, or the color and texture, vases reveal certain aspects of the natural anatomy of a flower arrangement. Depending on the style and strategic placement of a vase, it can encourage heartwarming communication amongst guests or it can cause unbefitting friction at the reception tables. Choosing the right vase to carry out the given theme of an event or wedding is vital to creating the overall ambiance for guests and hosts. Review our top 10 vases to consider when designing a flower arrangement. - OXO, Flor Box

1. Bud Vases

Bud vases are a beneficial asset for farm, rustic, garden, fairytale, and minimal themed weddings. Adding a silk bow or twine can enhance the appearance. Bud vases have a bottleneck sized opening with a large body and can vary based on round or square shapes. Bud vases are defined within the perimeters of this bottleneck shape therefore literal bottles such as a wine or whiskey bottle can also be beneficial. Keep in mind, only one to two buds can suffice in this type of vase.

2. Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars serve as a southern nod to farm style and rustic themed weddings. With lace or twine, this repurposed jar can add a cute and cozy vintage welcome for wedding guests. Mason jars can be utilized for centerpieces, aisle markers, or simply strung alongside the pillars of greenery in an outdoor setting. Keep in mind, with the narrow rim and wide body, only a minimum amount of flowers can comfortably fit into these jars.

3. Cylinder Vases

Cylinder vases serve as a contemporary theme to display in a modern or city based wedding. With ribbon of silk or satin, this glass vase elevates into a lavishly styled centerpiece. Maximizing the transparency, with water and candles, this vase can transform the entire reception room into a romantically lit ambiance for any newlywed couple. Keep in mind, depending on size, flowers may vary.

4. Bowl Vases

Bowl vases are great for a variety of wedding themes, from contemporary or traditional. With a narrow rim and round body, when transparent, this vase can give a fishbowl appearance and when nontransparent, this vase has a hearty and wholesome appearance. Because of the round shape, this vase is difficult when adding embellishments such as ribbons.

5. Bouquet Vases

Bouquet vases are classic and are often the most selected when designing for centerpieces because the vase is so versatile when paired with a multitude of wedding themes. The bouquet vase earned its namesake due to the imitation shape of an inverted bouquet. This traditional vase has a narrow rim and balloons out into a wide body, to then parachute into a narrow bottom; thus creating a unique hour glass shape. It is for this very reason as to why this vase is one of the most sought after vases. The bouquet vase comes in all sorts of different colors and sizes. Because of the narrow rim, be cautious of the amount of flowers befitting into this vase.

6. Jug + Pitcher Vases

Jug or otherwise known as pitcher vases are great for all sorts of wedding themes, but most notably for farm style or rustic weddings. With a large rim and body, silhouetted and paired with a styled handle, pitcher vases are optimal for large and hand tied flowers. These vases come in an assortment of colors and sizes and are often repurposed for kitchenware. Any flower or greenery can be showcased in this vase because of its size.

7. Amphora Vases

Amphora styled vases are centuries old, dating back to Ancient Greece. Providing as the origin of the modernized bouquet vase, the amphora vase has a narrow rim with a wide body, narrow bottom, and often featuring handles. This historic vase varies in shape, size, and materials such as ceramic or glass. This vase is diverse when showcased in multiple themed weddings, but the most popular is traditional church ceremonies.

8. Pedestal Vases

A pedestal vase is a centuries old design as well. These vases can be referenced back to Ancient Egypt and have made huge influences on the Medieval and Renaissance era as well. With its chalice features, this vase can serve as a fairytale centerpiece or a cathedral-gothic inspired centerpiece. The pedestal vase has a wide rim with a narrow body supported by a slender stem. Flower arrangements must take delicate formation due to this complex shape. This vase is optimal for all sorts of weddings.

9. Trumpet Vases

Trumpet vases are best when highlighted in an upscale traditional wedding. Regardless of this vase's color, that it be transparent glass or copper infused tones, this vase has gained a reputation amongst the posh ceremonies due to the similar characteristics of a trumpet; a wide mouth of an opening to a slender body frame. Almost like an inverted bottleneck vase, the amount of flowers vary based on the height and width of the trumpet vase.

10. Urn Vases

Alike amphora vases and pedestal vases, urn vases date back to Ancient Greece. Most urn vases are made up of ceramic and stone materials, giving almost a statuesque appearance. This vase is most notably showcased in fairytale or traditional garden party weddings. Although urns have been presented in an indoor setting since the Victorian era, the urn vases are at their best when presented in an outdoor setting. Pairing as pillars at the end of the alter or as entryway floral pieces at the top of the church steps, the urn will most certainly hold a variety of flowers and will no doubly continue to be a staple for weddings for centuries more to come!

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