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Updated: Jan 2

There is no doubt that the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its economical distress has caused a tremendous rippling affect on governmental structures, businesses, and families. Alike many scheduled events, weddings were either cancelled altogether or postponed. Then, there are the courageous couples who are determined to preserver with their wedding plans despite the world coming to a halt. Check out our suggestions on how to best navigate during the wedding season amidst COVID-19.

1. Follow United States Center for Disease Control + Statewide Guidelines

This suggestion especially applies to brides and grooms whom are contractually tied up with venues and have signed on with other vendors and caterers. Although each couple may vary in opinion and perspective of the sudden quarantine regulations, the venues and vendors must abide by statewide mandates in order to maintain legal business operations. The optimal choice is to maintain open communication with the venues and vendors and stay updated with regulations to properly readjust accordingly.

2. Minimize Guest Count

With the health and economical impact of COVID-19, it would be wise to realistically expect a significant decrease in guest attendance at the wedding this year. With great consideration to travel expenses, gifting expenses, financial stresses, and overall health precautions, guests are more likely to decline attendance to relieve themselves and their families of additional financial and health burdens. To fit everyone's needs, only as a suggestion, inviting only a small group of close family and friends could prove beneficial and considerate to the remaining guest list. Trust us on this one, with the COVID-19 impact, attending this year's wedding is more than likely the least of guests' concerns.

3. Guest Communication + Updates

Because COVID-19 updates and statewide regulations are changing so frequently, it is best to keep guests consistently updated with changing plans. Whether communication is distributed through a wedding website with an email list or with traditional invitations through snail mail, make sure sure guests are properly receiving the adequate information in a timely manner so they too can properly prepare for supporting the upcoming wedding. To optimize communication, realistically during the time of a global pandemic, the most efficient way to communicate to guests is by phone.  

4. Sourcing Local or DIY Projects

Although changing your wedding venue or photographer may serve as a challenge, to cut back on extra expenses, consider minimizing or alternating tertiary wedding essentials. For example, with wedding party attire and decor, consider sourcing from local businesses as opposed to international online ordering. When considering party favors or table pieces, consider making a fun night of DIY projects with immediate family, instead. Most guests and bridal parties will understand the minimal approach and will be appreciative of the wedding.  

5. Consider Alternative Wedding Options

If the wedding scheduled during the global pandemic of COVID-19 is not an option due to many difficulties, rest assured there are always alternative options to consider. For instance, alternate options can range from eloping this year only to reschedule the wedding celebration the following year. Another option would be to consider a virtual wedding via Zoom or with other virtual platforms. Whichever decision is made, be sure to also keep guests and participating vendors in mind. 

Regardless of the choices to pursue or cancel your wedding plans for 2020, on the behalf of Flor Box OXO, please be safe out there. - OXO, Flor Box

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Please review our COVID-19 Policy for details on how Flor Box OXO is ensuring our clients' and team members' safety. Please review the CDC for more information about COVID-19.

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