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Updated: May 7

Winter Garden Clean Up + Design

When it comes to garden preparation and maintenance, the focus is not so much on frost prevention but more on the goal of revitalizing the garden for a new chapter. Winter garden prep basically involves cleaning up from the fall season to then repurposing and redesigning for the winter welcome. Cleaning up the garden is usually timed with the first frost. During the winter season, indoor gardening can always serve as an opportunity to explore and experiment with new seeded blooms. Plants such as jasmine and orchids serve as incredible indoor florals for the cooler seasons.

Winter Garden Clean Up

When prepping your garden for winter, effectively bag up the dead leaves and evenly till the soil to prevent natural causes for garden deterioration, such as insects and plant diseases. To minimize the number of insect hatchlings during the following spring season, it is best to eliminate any potential hiding places for these critters. As for plant diseases, most diseases can survive the winter season on infected pieces of plants such as leaves and stems. Most fungal infections enter a resting state known as a spore, which can survive cold temperatures. Because of this, be sure to trash all of the diseased plants and refrain from adding them to your composite cycle to prevent future plant infection.

Winter Garden Design

Finally, after sprucing and prepping your winter garden, the next step is to update the garden with landscaping. Wintergardens bring about an excellent opportunity to survey your landscape to update or completely redesign your garden layout and features. Fundamental garden features such as a trellis, tuteur, or garden arch provide a great focal point for spring blooms. Neatly edged paths and beds can be realigned with lanterns and/or holiday trinkets. Although dormant, berry bushes or evergreens still provide a repurposing opportunity for designing. When designing a winter garden, it is best to get creative, from hanging baskets to stuffing pots. - OXO


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