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Send the gift of thoughtfulness and goodwill with a simple and rewarding flower box, OXO Sweetheart Collection: Thank You! Designed blissfully with a garden box inspiration, this floral arrangement includes a tasty treat of locally sourced macarons. Show your sincere appreciation by gifting this thank you flower arrangement with a warm thinking of you note or uplift a special someone with a valued healing 'get well' flower delivery.

florboxoxo oxo sweetheart collection thank you flower box online flower shop roses french macarons
Florboxoxo OXO Sweetheart Collection | Thank You | Online Flower Shop

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"Our overflowing flower design displays a fresh earthy quality along with this square-shaped box offering smooth clean lines of uniformity." -Florboxoxo

florboxoxo oxo sweetheart collection thank you flower box online french macarons
Florboxoxo OXO Sweetheart Collection | Thank You! | French Macarons | Online Flower Shop

Flower Design Inspiration

This simple, sleek nature-themed flower box was encouraged by Scandinavian design elements. Our overflowing flower design displays a fresh earthy quality along with this square-shaped box offering smooth, clean lines of uniformity. Beginning with our design staple, creamy dove white roses, the round fuzzy grassy green dianthus pairs wonderfully. Secondary blooms include succulent berry-like hypericum and crisp, cotton white carnations. Our color palette of soft pearl tones with natural olive greenery is organically therapeutic and resilient.

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The sugary and bite-sized French macarons are complimented with creamy or gooey filling. Varied flavors consist of chocolate mocha, classic birthday cake, rich vanilla, and more. This trendy, round yummy delight is a sweet indulgence when paired with a tall glass of milk. Order online to receive a flower delivery or sign up for our online flower subscription. - OXO

Flower Availability

Although it is our priority to provide requested florals, due to the seasonal blooms and the current socio-economic flower supply chain, when a flower and/or color is not available, Florboxoxo team will provide alternative florals. Our team will ensure the best client experience, please review our Product Policy for details.


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Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. From our online shop based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with professional arborists to arrange a creative blend of fashionably fun flowers delivered for any celebration!

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