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Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Berry Pine Flower Box

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A Christmas Tree Inspired Holiday Berry Pine Flowers in a Hat Box

Winter is coming...and as the autumn season draws to a close, winter begins with the leaves feathering into a crisp golden shell, leaving the trees barren and exposed. The lakes freeze over with a thick shellac of ice, chirping birds quickly fly towards the equator, animals hibernate within the earth, and wild plants recede into dormancy...nature falls asleep.

Throughout the silent nights of winter, the environmental change provides us with the opportunity for quiet reflection. It is there within the silent nights of winter, families learn the value of reflection and appreciation. With annual traditions, winter brings about an appreciation for our family gatherings in hopes of lighting our hearth with warm holiday cheer! Although poinsettias are the traditional holiday staple floral arrangement, this season, we are excited to introduce the debut of our holiday flower box, OXO Collection: Holiday Berry Pine.

Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Berry Pine | Holiday Edition


The collaboration of flowers and fruit such as twigs of berries, powdered snow-white carnations, and cedar pine is a heartwarming holiday decor! - Florboxoxo

Holiday Flower Box Design Inspiration

The namesake of Holiday Berry Pine, this descriptive name has been selected in honor of the tradition and merriment of holly berry and winter pine. Holly berries are often associated with the holiday season because holly has served as a cultural symbol of happiness and peace within western culture for centuries. With flower hibernation throughout the cooler seasons, winter pine was selected as a fragrant novel in our floral design for this holiday. This holiday flower box was inspired by mini Christmas trees featuring pinecones, bushels of snow, and frosted white twigs!


Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Berry Pine | Holiday Edition

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The collaboration of flowers and fruit such as twigs of berries, powdered snow-white carnations, and cedar pine is a heartwarming holiday decoration! This multi-layered tree-shaped flower box is wonderfully presented as a charming gift for professional colleagues or a cheerful Christmas décor for festive family gatherings. This seasonal collection features one medium box size. Order online to receive a flower delivery or sign up for our online flower subscription. These holiday flower boxes are especially great for under the tree surprises for Christmas morning breakfast!

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This collection features one medium box size of floral arrangements. Our holiday flower box collection is wonderful for thoughtful holiday flowers, an endearing Thinking of You flowers gift, or a genuine thank you flowers from a coworker. Simply order online flowers to receive our holiday designed box of blooms for holiday flower delivery or sign up for our online monthly flower box subscription.

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Although it is our priority to provide requested florals, due to the seasonal blooms and the current socio-economic flower supply chain, when a flower and/or color is not available, Florboxoxo team will provide alternative flowers. Our team will ensure the best client experience, please review our Product Policy for details. - OXO


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Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. From our online shop based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with professional floriculturists to arrange a creative blend of fashionably fun flowers delivered for any celebration!

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