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Florboxoxo | OXO Collection Pumpkin Spice Flower Box

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Rustic Farmhouse Fall Season Thank You Flowers in a Hat Box

What began as a seasonal latte is now a pop-culture tradition! Pumpkin spice is a favorite amongst local coffee shops and beauty salons, and our flower box collection is no exception. With our annual collection, we delve into the art of designing flower arrangements that celebrate the Fall season. In this season of transformation, nature presents us with a bountiful array of textures and colors, inspiring creatives to craft exquisite arrangements that capture the essence of autumn. Whether it's a formal family dinner on Thanksgiving or a casual trendy Friendsgiving, spice up the table décor with a harmonious centerpiece rooted in family tradition: our fall season's flower box, OXO Pumpkin Spice Collection.

Cozy wooded cotton harmonized the bold authenticity of this farmhouse-inspired design.

Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Pumpkin Spice | Flower Box | Shop Online Flowers


Flower Box Pumpkin Spice Design Inspiration

As the vibrant hues of summer fade away, the Fall season emerges with its own unique charm, offering a splendid palette of warm colors and earthy tones, featuring a delightful assortment of caramelized cider orange mini pumpkins, fermented merlot dahlias, bold buttery corn yellow sunflowers, and earthy ruffled myrtle. Supporting filler flowers such as fiery amber pincushions, vibrant mahogany astrantias, and cozy wooded cotton harmonized the bold authenticity of this farmhouse-inspired design. This arrangement not only captures the essence of Fall but also tells a story of rustic elegance, harvest celebrations, and the beauty of nature's transformation.

Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Pumpkin Spice

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As the leaves change colors, autumn encourages personal transition with families collectively readjusting their work-life balance in preparation for the holidays, whether its farmhouse or boho theme, it is the perfect opportunity to send a thoughtful flower arrangement to loved ones! Fall season would not be complete without weathered boots, fuzzy crochet scarves, wooly pea-coats, and a pumpkin spice flower arrangement! This seasonal rustic flower collection features one large box size. Order online to receive a flower delivery just in time to complement your family and friends gathering dinner of gratitude, or sign up for our online flower subscription.! – OXO

Feel inspired to treat yourself to our seasonal collection? Shop the OXO Collection!

Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Pumpkin Spice | Flower Box | Fall Season

The Quintessence of Autumn: A Palette of Warmth and Elegance

  1. Caramelized Cider Orange Mini Pumpkins - The epitome of autumnal charm, these mini pumpkins not only add a touch of rustic allure but also infuse the arrangement with the spirit of harvest festivals and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Their warm, caramelized orange hue creates a striking focal point, symbolizing the abundance of the season.

  2. Fermented Merlot Dahlias - Rich, deep, and luxurious, merlot dahlias bring a sense of sophistication to the arrangement. Their velvety petals in shades of merlot and burgundy add depth and opulence, evoking the feeling of sipping a glass of fine red wine on a crisp Fall evening.

  3. Bold Buttery Corn Yellow Sunflowers - The quintessential flower of autumn, sunflowers exude warmth and positivity. Their vibrant, buttery yellow petals bring a burst of color, reminiscent of the golden hues of falling leaves. Sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty, making them a perfect addition to this seasonal arrangement.

  4. Earthy Ruffled Myrtle - The ruffled leaves of myrtle introduce an earthy element to the composition. Their deep green color provides a harmonious contrast to the warm tones of the pumpkins and flowers, adding a touch of natural elegance and freshness.

Harmonizing with Nature: Supporting Filler Flowers

  1. Fiery Amber Pincushions - These fiery amber pincushions add a touch of drama and intensity to the arrangement. Their spiky texture and vivid color bring an element of surprise, representing the fiery energy of autumnal sunsets and the crackling warmth of bonfires.

  2. Vibrant Mahogany Astrantias - Delicate and intricate, mahogany astrantias add a touch of vintage charm. Their mahogany-colored petals, reminiscent of aged wine, symbolize refinement and mystery. These blooms not only complement the merlot dahlias but also add depth and complexity to the overall design.

  3. Cozy Wooded Cotton - Soft and fluffy, wooded cotton represents the comforting embrace of Fall. Its warm, neutral tone and soft texture create a sense of coziness and tranquility, making it a perfect addition to balance the boldness of the other elements in the arrangement.


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Although it is our priority to provide requested florals, due to the seasonal blooms and the current socio-economic flower supply chain, when a flower and/or color is not available, Florboxoxo team will provide alternative florals. Our team will ensure the best client experience, please review our Product Policy for details.


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