When it comes to flowering your wedding experience, we thank you for selecting our flower team, and look forward to learning more about your vision. Next steps are to review our Welcome Guide, answer a few detailed questions, and schedule a detailed design review meeting.

OXO Welcome

Hello and Welcome!


First and foremost, when it comes to flowering your special day, we greatly thank you for selecting our team here at Flor Box OXO! When I first launched our now home-based floral studio earlier last year, my objective was to meet other #Goals post-worthy couples and share their unique story to the world. At the heart of it, our philosophy is to make beautiful floral presentations to share with family and friends. Thank you again for choosing Flor Box OXO, we look forward to collaborating with you to create a memorable wedding experience!

OXO - Naia Geni


Founder + Bloom Believer

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Design is a reflection of our cultivated lifestyle! I personally invite you to follow my design journey @naiageni

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From sow to harvest, flowers are sourced from local and international farms. While flowers are mass produced, this beautiful product has a shelf life. Labor, preservation, and transportation are key essentials.


From seed to bloom expert growers cultivate fresh flowers.


Flowers are distributed and selected by exclusive florists.


Cut flowers are professionally 

processed for preservation.


Every single flower stem is stripped and cleaned for design.


Flowers are carefully packed with sustainability and protection.


With planning, precision, and expertise, flowers are designed.


If your flower budget does not meet the expectations of your wedding vision,

simply review our top solutions on how you can effectively cut back on itemized expenses.

Keep your numbers low with your wedding party and guest count, or replace flowers with greenery.


The amount of people in your wedding party or the amount of tables for your guests equate to the amount of needed flowers.


Whether its flower accessories or flower installations, the type of design, size, and labor is itemized for pricing.


Flowers, especially popular blooms can be more expensive. Save with less flowers and simply add more greenery. 


With your recent phone consultation and proposal review, we were able to identify our flower possibilities and narrow down our design list to the essentials. Next steps, we will explore design options to build out the vision for your special day. Be sure to provide your event details and schedule a design meeting!


Client Welcome

For our line of communication, as collaborators it is best to contact our team via email. If there are urgent updates please contact us via phone.

Our design review questions provides our team with the necessary details to flower your day. So that we are designing and planning right away, please provide wedding details via email.

We are thankful that you have chosen our team, and so to extend our gratitude, please keep an eye out for post mail with our client appreciation postcard!


Only if applicable, all payment arrangements are due at least four weeks before the event date. Please review your contract for payment details.

For the big day, our team will meet to deliver your flower order before the event. Be sure to schedule your delivery details.


Your Feedback

is Valuable

At Flor Box OXO, we strive to understand our client and partner experiences. Your opinion is valuable.


To improve our products and services, please provide your honest feedback with an optional survey, leave a review, or simply refer us to a friend!

Support + Referrals

 As a local small business, our aim is to build a viable reputation, so our focus is to provide post-worthy results for our clients and partners within the event industry. To increase our online visibility and social reach, be sure to follow and refer Flor Box OXO to friends and family!

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- Did you know according to our industry experts at

Historically, in the Victorian era, flowers were used to express emotions when words and gestures failed.




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