Delivery Fees

For local/ same day deliveries, a standard local delivery fee of $10.00 is required upon product purchase.

Delivery Locations
Flor Box OXO provides same day delivery for professional and residential addresses throughout the Denver Metro Area of Colorado, USA. At this time, Flor Box OXO does not provide local/same day delivery for deliveries located at P.O. Boxes and/or outside of the Denver Metro Area (25 Mile Radius from Denver, CO) and/or weddings and events. For deliveries outside of the Denver Metro Area, please review our Shipping Policy for details. 

Delivery Schedule

We guarantee same day delivery for all orders received before 2:00pm. Orders received after 2:00pm are guaranteed for delivery the next day. Delivery timeframes for locations vary: business locations: 9am-4pm, residential/hotel locations 9am-4pm, hospital locations: 9am-4pm, high school/college campus 9am-2pm. All delivery timeframes for holidays are extended: 7am-7pm. Holidays include: New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Winter Holiday Season.

Delivery Cancellations + Refunds

  • Cancellations - Local/same day orders are processed immediately upon purchase, and therefore cannot be changed. To cancel an order that may have not been processed, please contact us via phone (303.999.8881). In the event of cancellation prior to order processing, only fifty percent (50%) of costs can be refunded. Please review our Refund Policy for details. 

  • Refusals - In the event of a refusal of the delivery by recipient and/or client, there are no refunds.

  • Incorrect Addresses - In the event of an incorrect delivery address, a $10 address correction fee will be billed post processing. There are no refunds for incorrect addresses. Flor Box OXO is not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect addresses submitted by client.

  • Redelivery - In the event of a recipient not being available at the time of  delivery, (i.e. no one is at home/office) noted and addressed flower deliveries will be left at the door and/or porch and/or front desk in the event if no one is available to receive the delivery. There are no refunds for non-available recipients. For redelivery, please purchase a new order. Flor Box OXO cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty product due to delivery drop off for non-available recipients. 

  • Monthly Subscriptions - Local/ same day delivery is not available for OXO Subscriptions, please review our Shipping Policy for details.

Here at Flor Box OXO we are committed to providing the best client experience. Please contact us!

Last Updated: January 01, 2020



Flor Box OXO is taking measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It’s important that we all respond responsibly and transparently to all health precautions. We assure you that we will always treat your private health and personal data with high confidentiality and sensitivity. This policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines.

COVID-19 Reschedule Agreements:

  • If you have cold symptoms, such as cough/sneezing/fever, or feel poorly, please reschedule all sessions 

  • If you have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, you can reschedule all sessions after June 2020 with a doctor’s note confirming your recovery.


Traveling/Commuting Measures:

  • All travel sessions both domestic and international are cancelled and/or postponed until further notice.

  • In-person meetings are now virtual via video or phone (e.g. candidate interviews and partners).


General Hygiene Rules:

  • Wash your hands frequently (follow the 20-second hand-washing rule). You can also use the sanitizers.

  • Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected.

For more information, please review cdc.gov

Last updated: March 01, 2020​

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