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Weddings + Elopements

Full service customization or rush order flowers are available.

Designs include traditional floral bouquets, fashionable accessories, 

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flower community updates and discounts. 


Review our design process, and book an exclusive video consultation, or place a custom order. 

Full service customization or rush order flowers are provided for your wedding and elopement design.

Design services include floral bouquets, fashionable accessories, and décor installations.

Flor Box OXO made the cutest custom flower boxes for my bridal party, they absolutely loved them! 
- Chloe Williams
Learn more about Chloe's experience with us!

Let's chat about your event...



First and foremost, when it comes to designing your special day, we greatly thank you for your consideration! Simply book a virtual flower consultation, and a member of our team will reach out to discuss the details of your event. To provide the best experience for each of

our clients, please allow at least two business days for a follow up.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

- OXO, Flor Box Team


Book a Flower

Explore and discover your envisioned floral design for your special day! With our exclusive session, we'll focus on your core flower priorities to then build out your bloom possibilities.


Together we can root out any floral questions and provide viable solutions to supplement your individual flower needs.


Request and book a session today! 

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Custom Elopement

Bouquet + Boutonnière

Build and customize your bouquet with a matching boutonnière. With our convenient online service, place an order for delivery, just in time for your vows.


This package is optimal for the simple and sweet couple who are planning for a modern micro-wedding or a traditional elopement.


Select your date for delivery!

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Bridal Shower Floral Design

Receive floral decor expertise to create a memorable guest experience for your upcoming bridal shower! Our flower team can provide options from custom arranged table centerpieces to 

handcrafted post-worthy flower crowns.


Make a lasting impression with fun and engaging flower activities hosted by our design experts.

Request and book a consultation today! 

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Wedding Floral Design  Questions + Answers

Our flower team can provide answers to your frequently asked questions. Questions such as the following:

  • How far in advance should we place our floral order?

  • What type of floral arrangements can we select from?

  • What are the average packages and pricing available?

  • What can we expect from our flower consultation?


Select the link below to review our wedding clients 

frequently asked questions.​ Have questions, contact us!

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