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Admire this custom flower arrangement? Purchase our exclusive digital download flower list to arrange your very own floral bouquet, or simply order a custom flower arrangement delivered by our expert team of florists!


Arrange your very own flower arrangements with our digital flower list from our professionally designed custom flower arrangement. Shop online flowers or simply download a flower list to arrange your own flower bouquet!

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  • Where is your flower shop located?
    Presently, Florboxoxo is an online flower shop and only ships flowers within the United States. This is subject to change as we expand our services into new markets. Be sure to sign up to our email list to be the first to receive news of a location opening in a town near you! Sourcing our flowers from international and national flower farms, our floral designs are arranged by our proud collective team of professional florists arranging from their design and/or home studios. For more information regarding our mailing address, please Contact Us. To learn more about our mission and values, please review our Our Story.
  • What is the timeframe for Local/Same Day Delivery?
    Local/Same Day Delivery - Denver Metro Area With the exclusion of certain holidays, weather conditions and travel safety, we guarantee same day delivery for online orders received before 12pm MST within the Denver Metro Area (25 mile radius of Denver, CO 80206). Placed orders located within the Denver Metro Area received after 12pm MST are guaranteed for delivery the next day. Local / Same Day Delivery excludes the following holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Overnight Shipping - United States Online orders received before 12pm MST and located outside of the Denver Metro Area and throughout the United States, are shipped overnight for a tentative next day delivery. Shipping and handling fees apply, for more information please review our Shipping Policy. ​ In the event of prohibiting weather conditions and travel safety, Florboxoxo will reschedule your flower order for next day delivery with no additional cost to the client(s). There are no refunds for rescheduled deliveries due to prohibiting weather conditions and travel safety. For more information, please review our Delivery Policy.
  • What are the fees for local delivery?
    For local/ same day deliveries within the Denver Metro Area (25 Mile Radius from Denver, CO 80206), a standard local delivery fee of $20 is required upon product purchase. For date and time sensitive flower deliveries within the Denver Metro Area, an additional $30 delivery fee will be charged, totaling to a $50 delivery fee billed before scheduling any time sensitive or time-framed flower deliveries. For rush order flower deliveries within the Denver Metro Area, the date and time sensitive fee of $50 plus an additional 25% of the total cost of the flower order will be required before processing any rush order flower deliveries. ​ Florboxoxo prioritizes our client experience with timely flower deliveries and organized operation routes for optimal travel safety for our delivery personnel. For more information, please review our Delivery Policy
  • My delivery address is located outside of the Denver Metro Area, can I still order?
    Yes, we deliver throughout the United States. For deliveries located outside of the Denver Metro Area (25 Mile Radius from Denver, CO 80206) overnight shipping is available for additional costs. Shipping costs may vary based on the size and weight of the flower order(s) and your delivery location within the United States. Because flowers are perishable products, Florboxoxo does not authorize Standard Shipping methods for delivery. Florboxoxo ships out flower deliveries for tentative Next Day arrivals for online orders placed by 12pm MST Monday - Friday, (Overnight, Rush, Expedited, or Priority Shipping). Shipping business days exclude: Sundays, Saturdays, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For more information, please review our Shipping Policy.
  • What is your refund policy?
    The following products, services, and/or causes are subject to non-refundable and non-exchangeable products and services: expired flowers, all baked goods, incorrect addresses by the fault of the customer, delivery refusals by third party and/or client recipients, non-available recipient deliveries, re-scheduled deliveries due to weather conditions or valid concerns for travel safety, product damages by customer and/or delivery recipient, and product damages or in-transit delays caused by third party shipping mail carriers are not the responsibility of Florboxoxo, therefore are not qualified for refunds or exchanges. Here at Florboxoxo, we prioritize client experience. Because flowers are perishable products with sensitive expiration dates, our flower returns or exchanges have limitations and must uphold to our policy qualifications. Returns or exchanges are only accepted under the following guidelines: Manufacturer Product Packaging Defect, Florboxoxo Delivery Address Error, Personalized Message Error, or Color Design Customization Error. For more information about refunds and exchanges, please review our Refund Policy. ​ Please note, there are refund limitations for monthly subscriptions. Please review our Subscription Policy for details. For questions, please Contact Us.
  • What is the monthly subscription schedule?
    Florboxoxo membership plans include payment schedules for monthly (30 days), quarterly (3 months), and annual (12 months) subscriptions. Upon the purchase of a Florboxoxo subscription plan, a monthly flower box will be processed for shipping by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month. Billing will incur on the same purchase day of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. For example, if you select the monthly (30 days) subscription plan, and your first subscription purchase was on October 20th, your next billing charge will be November 20th; each subsequent billing charge will occur on the first of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. Please review our Subscription Policy for details.
  • What are the benefits of a Florboxoxo monthly subscription?
    Membership subscriptions provide fresh flowers and seasonal baked goods, such as chocolates or macarons, delivered monthly to your door. Please review our Baked Goods Policy for details. The benefits of the Florboxoxo subscriptions includes flower stylizing your home and office décor or simply gifting a flower box to further build your personal or professional network. Plus, members receive exclusive discount savings of 10% off from online flower shop deliveries. What's more, with the exclusion of initial annual memberships, an additional 10% off discount is applied for continued annual memberships thereafter. Please review your Subscription Policy for details.
  • As a subscription member, can I make any changes to my flower box delivery?
    As an option, subscription customers can make changes such as recipient address deliveries, personalized messages, or customer contact information within their online customer account and/or by sending an email request. A Florboxoxo team member can assist you with phone and/or email support. Please note that a phone call and/or voicemail requesting to update and make changes to your subscription account is not a valid request. To submit a valid request for subscription changes, please email ( | Subject: Subscription Change). For optimal client experience, all subscription change notifications must be requested by the first (1st) of the month through your customer account and/or via email on file. Please review our Subscription Policy for details.
  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription with Florboxoxo?
    You may cancel your subscription at any time however, cancellations must be made before the commencement of the next subscription cycle to avoid being charged. If you cancel your subscription after the commencement of the next subscription cycle and an order has been placed and/or processed, your order cannot be refunded. A Florboxoxo team member can assist you with cancelling your subscription with phone and/or email support. Please note: a phone call and/or voicemail stating a request to cancel is not a valid cancellation. Valid cancellations must be completed through your online account and/or via email on file ( | Subject: Subscription Cancellation). All subscription requests must be communicated from the email associated with the subscription membership. The email request must include customer verification requirements: customer account number, receipt of purchase, shipping tracking number and/or item order number. Please review our Subscription Policy for details.
  • What services can you provide for our wedding? What are the costs?
    Here at Florboxoxo, we provide the following wedding services: design consultations, venue visits, design blueprints, vendor meetings, custom floral design, flower transportation with event delivery, flower installation set up, and event breakdown or flower donations. Pricing is customizable based on the following variables: flower sourcing, flower stem count, flower tools and accessories needed for each design item. Lastly labor for flower processing and design are accounted, in addition to the cost of flower transportation for event delivery and set up. Simply schedule and book a flower consultation to receive a custom quote for your event design! Book a Flower Consultation!
  • How far in advance should we order our wedding flowers?
    To provide the best client experience, it is highly advised to book our flower consultation AFTER booking and confirming your venue location(s) and BEFORE finalizing your invited guest list. In reference to flower accessories and table centerpieces, the number of flower arrangements needed equates to the amount of guests. Lastly be sure to provide photo examples of your event style to ensure effective design communications with our flower team. Book a Flower Consultation!
  • As an online flower shop, what are your service areas for wedding floral design?
    Although Florboxoxo is presently booking wedding floral design, delivery, setup, and breakdown services in Colorado, Florboxoxo wedding services are available nationwide throughout the United States. Be sure to inquire about your specified wedding location before booking your wedding consultation. Contact Us!
  • What can we expect at our flower consultation?
    Flower consultations consist of a one (1) hour virtual Zoom meeting; during our exclusive session, we collectively focus on your core flower priorities to then build out your bloom possibilities within your flower investment. To optimize our consultation, please be advised to provide photo examples of your flower inspirations and decor vision. Book a Flower Consultation!
  • Other than flowers, can you provide more design options for our wedding?
    With our wedding floral design, we offer full service event design planning and set up. Our flower team can offer access to a variety of rentals ranging from geometric frames to candelabras, ceremony arches, mirrors, lanterns, and more. Additional design fees apply. Book a flower consultation to review our exclusive design inventory. Book a Flower Consultation!
  • What type of arrangements do you provide for wedding floral design?
    The type of arrangements provided for wedding floral design are the following: venue flower installations, altar decor, aisle decor, entryway flowers, centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages, single flowers, flower petals. Flowers are designed with handcrafted organically real or artificial flowers. Book a Flower Consultation!
  • How would you describe your style of floral design?
    Typically, our flower design style consists of trending and evergreen design themes such as classic, modern, rustic, garden, tropical, and bohemian. Book a consultation to build a design plan based on your envisioned décor theme. Book a Flower Consultation!
  • Event Floral Design Consultation
    With our exclusive flower design consultation, we will focus on fundamental design priorities to result in an actualized floral design installation. Receive expert guidance on how to maximize your custom event design. Book a consultation by selecting the link below.
  • Tailored Event Design Blueprints
    Minimize your event day anxiety with professional and customized event design. Receive flower blueprints strategically planned by our team of expert florists and maximize your design options when you launch your flower planning by scheduling your initial flower consultation.
  • Specialized Flower Delivery Set Up
    Our flower team specializes in experienced flower transportation and timely delivery for skilled floral design installation and set up, so you can simply focus on enjoying your event! Get started on mapping out your flower vision with a team of experts when you book an initial flower meeting.


The Golden Hotel

We definitely recommend Florboxoxo to couples planning weddings and other events!

Florboxoxo reviews flower recipe floral design client wedding

- Luke & Megan

The Club at Rolling Hills

Florboxoxo turned our outdoor tent venue into a beautiful

green and floral space!

Florboxoxo reviews flower recipe floral design client wedding flowers

- Matt & Liza

Villa Parker

Florboxoxo were great with communication and bringing

my vision to life!

Florboxoxo flower recipe flower list bride and groom floral design reviews

- Seth & Anna

Florboxoxo Lake Dillon Breckenridge CO outdoor wedding floral design
Florboxoxo Lake Dillon Breckenridge CO bridal bouquet wedding flowers

Minimal Mountain



This design is one that we enjoy returning to – not only were the clients a joy to work with,

the wedding theme resulted in a soft romantic ambience for a minimal neutrals lake wedding.

Discover the inspiration behind this love story!

Florboxoxo is a collective resource offering floral design for weddings, events, and door delivery.

To ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, our flowers are artistically inspired by our clients with design collaboration for expert flower sourcing and professional arranging by our team of florists

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Customize and design your next event celebration.

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Customize and design your special wedding day.

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