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Updated: May 7

With recent events around the nation, between the pandemic and civil unrest, it is imperative now more than ever to express our love and admiration for our family, especially our moms! This year has proven to be a challenge for most households. Therefore, keeping it simple yet sweet and meaningful with this holiday's gift-giving would be enough for mothers. Be sure to shop online for our OXO Sweetheart to make a delivery just in time for Mother'sDay! Wishing All of the Moms a Happy Mother's Day! - OXO

OXO Sweetheart | Florals + Treats

This whole page includes assembled florals and sweet treats for the admired. This unique delivery package is an excellent pairing as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. Our signature floral patterns and garden foliage are compassionately curated with the utmost bloom care. Featured treats vary from macaroons to chocolates.

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Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. From our online shop based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with professional arborists to arrange a creative blend of fashionably fun flowers delivered for any celebration!

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