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Florboxoxo | Top 7 Wedding Flower Questions

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Review Our Top List for Wedding Floral Design Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding is an important decision. From selecting flower types and colors to figuring out which florist can provide the arrangements to best fit your flower needs. Receive expert guidance on how to maximize custom floral design for your wedding day. Review our top wedding floral design frequently asked questions!

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"To provide the best client experience, it is highly advised to book our flower consultation after booking and confirming your venue location(s) and before finalizing your invited guest list." -Florboxoxo


1.) What services can you provide for our wedding? What are the costs?

Here at Florboxoxo, we provide the following wedding services: design consultations, venue visits, design blueprints, vendor meetings, custom floral design, flower transportation with event delivery, flower installation set up, and event breakdown. As a bonus, we also provide flower donations.

Pricing is customizable based on the following variables: flower sourcing, flower stem count, flower tools and accessories needed for each design item. Lastly labor for flower processing and design are accounted, in addition to the cost of flower transportation for event delivery and set up. Simply schedule and book a flower consultation to receive a custom quote for your event design.

2.) How far in advance should we order our wedding flowers?

To provide the best client experience, it is highly advised to book our flower consultation after booking and confirming your venue location(s) and before finalizing your invited guest list.

In reference to flower accessories and table centerpieces, the number of flower arrangements needed equates to the amount of guests. Lastly be sure to provide photo examples of your event style to ensure effective design communications with our flower team.

3.) As an online flower shop, what are your service areas for wedding floral design?

Although Florboxoxo is presently booking wedding floral design, delivery, setup, and breakdown services in Colorado, Florboxoxo wedding services are available nationwide throughout the United States. Be sure to inquire about your specified wedding location before booking your wedding consultation.

4.) What can we expect at our flower consultation?

Flower consultations consist of a one (1) hour virtual Zoom meeting; during our exclusive session, we collectively focus on your core flower priorities to then build out your bloom possibilities within your flower investment. To optimize our consultation, please be advised to provide photo examples of your flower inspirations and decor vision.

5.) Other than flowers, can you provide more design options for our wedding?

With our wedding floral design, we offer full service event design planning and set up. Our flower team can offer access to a variety of rentals ranging from geometric frames to candelabras, ceremony arches, mirrors, lanterns, and more. Additional design fees apply. Book a flower consultation to review our exclusive design inventory.

6.) What type of arrangements do you provide for wedding floral design?

The type of arrangements provided for wedding floral design are the following: venue flower installations, altar decor, aisle decor, entryway flowers, centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets, corsages, single flowers, flower petals. Flowers are designed with handcrafted natural real flowers or artificial flowers.

7.) How would you describe your style of floral design?

Typically, our flower design style consists of trending and evergreen design themes such as classic, modern, rustic, garden, tropical, and bohemian. Book a consultation to build a design plan based on your envisioned décor theme.


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From classic flower crown workshops to trending flower jewelry demonstrations, hire a professional florist to host an exclusive flower workshop as a charming activity during your hosted event. Make sure your bridal shower has some activities that will keep guests entertained.





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