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Florboxoxo | Flower Meanings | Irish Clover

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Irish Flower Representing Good Fortune and Good Health

With all of the benefits of clover, it is no wonder why the Irish have culturally and historically recognized this plant for its luck! Although the appearance is green, leafy, and often found throughout grassy lawns, the clover is still categorized as a flower. Sourcing from Flowerpaedia (2018), authored by environmental artist and floral specialist Cheralyn Darcey, and 100 Edible + Healing Flowers: Cultivating, Cooking, Restoring Health (2014) written by herbalist and arborist Margaret Roberts, the clover has benefits ranging from medicinal benefits to edible garnishments!

Irish Clover Flower History and Symbolisms

Historically, the clover has symbolized good fortune and protection. Being native to Europe and Asia, throughout the medieval era, religious monks would prioritize this plant within their gardens for its healing properties. Clover has been linked to healing ailments such as arthritis, kidney functions, skin irritations, and dry coughs with fever. This flower has a reputation for serving as cooking ingredients for traditional recipes from chicken and herbs to baked vegetables.

Clover (genus Trifolium) represents good luck, fertility, domestic virtue, fortune, long and happy marriage, second sight, and protection. - Flowerpaedia (2018)



Irish Clover Flower Origins and Floriculture

According to the online resource Encyclopedia Britannica, (2020), the clover (genus Trifolium) genus of about 300 annual and perennial species in the pea family (Fabaceae). Clovers usually are short-lived herbs and have blooming flowers consisting of colors white, pink, red, or yellow. This plant is also valuable when it pertains to improving its soil and conservation with its packed nitrogen nutrients. Despite its origins in Northern Europe, cultivated clover species have become temperate worldwide.

Clover honey is a common product of clover cultivation since bees are highly attracted to this plant. Other common products sourced from clover cultivation is livestock feed or green manure, (no pun intended!) Clovers are great for livestock feed due to the high density of protein, phosphorus, and calcium. ( sourced in 2020)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - OXO


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