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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

How to Plan and Grow Your Flower Garden Indoors at Home

Since the wake of the initial COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, most companies have forgone the traditional workplace office for a more remote online workspace from home. With the work from home normalcy since the initial quarantine, most families are now accustomed to working from home. Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with work-life balance, and to mitigate work anxiety, be sure to spruce up your home office with a beautiful uplifting flower arrangement or classic flower pot.

Our team here at Florboxoxo can provide strategies to decompress each day by surrounding oneself with flowers throughout the house. Check out our top three ways to secure healthy, thriving flowers indoors.  - OXO


1. Flower Vase Indoor Garden

Sprucing up your flower container can make or break the indoor flower experience. For instance, you are more likely to care for your flowers if there is a snazzy fabulous container catching your attention each time you walk into the living room versus a frumpy bland container that is an eyesore. The type of indoor flower containers can range from ceramic, metal, plastic, or stone pots. Window planters, hanging or wall-mount baskets, or self-watering pots are also available. Before investing in a flower container, consider costs, temperature control, and the pot's longevity for repurposing.


2. Flower Location Indoor Garden

Location, location, location! With indoor flowers, the specific areas within your home is essential to your flowers' overall growth and health. When considering which place is best for your indoor florals, always consider a place where your plants can receive optimal light and temperature according to your plants' maintenance and health needs, of course.

3. Flower Care and Attention Indoor Garden

Last but not least, the most crucial flower essential when growing or caring for indoor flowers is the most obvious, yet a friendly reminder is always great. Please remember to look after your plants and care for them attentively. We often neglect the small stuff, including household plants, with our busy day-to-day lives and dealing with so many responsibilities between work and our personal lives!

Show yourself some grace by setting a timer on your phone as a routine reminder to water or prune your flowers. The perfect container filled blooming flowers next to a beautiful coffee table in your living room can be all for nothing, if you fail to give your plant adequate routined care and attention. Your indoor garden deserves to thrive at its optimal capability.


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  • Author - Naia Geni | Floral Designer | Senior Editor | @naiageni

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Please review the CDC for more information about COVID-19.


If you are a newbie to the floral industry and you are actively curious about flower design, reviewing published books from professional floral designers are the best place to start when sourcing for credible resources within the floral industry. Be sure to review our top 3 recommended flower books. Excellent reference books to use are the following: Flourish (2016), Living with Flowers (2019), Pretty Tough Plants (2017). Whether the books can be utilized for wedding arrangements or a fabulous floral arrangement for an outdoor family barbecue, these books are great resources for all who appreciate flowers. Check out our top three flower books to spruce up your home or next flower event! Read More





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