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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Learning Floral Design for Home and Event Decor? Check Out Our Favorites!

With many of us now working remotely since the pandemic, the time at home can be an excellent opportunity to learn or freshen up on our flower essentials. Excellent reference books to use are the following: Flourish (2016), Living with Flowers (2019), and Pretty Tough Plants (2017). Whether the books can be utilized for making your very own wedding arrangements or a fabulous floral arrangement for an outdoor family barbecue, these books are great resources for all who appreciate flowers. Check out our top three flower books to spruce up your home or next DIY event! - OXO



Flourish is an excellent resourceful book for seasonal flowers. Willow Crossley goes in-depth about highlighting flowers within each season throughout the year. Other resources such as flower design tips and techniques, flower cutting tool kits, and best flower design containers can be sourced from this book. This flower resource is the best book for any novice flower enthusiast or professional floral design expert!



Living with Flowers is an excellent flower book for brides who are wanting to design their own flower arrangements for their wedding, or novice flower enthusiasts searching for an essential arrangement reference guide. This book provides the basic foundation for any flower arrangement, from starter tool kits to flower conditioning. Designing flowers for various events is highlighted: entertaining guests, giving to loved ones, fashion flowers, and parties. Rowan Blossom is a fabulous flower expert who provides a fantastic guidebook for flower learners!


Pretty Tough Plants is an excellent book for a plant reference guide. This book provides details about culture, landscape use, and native range and origins for flowers ranging from perennials to annuals. This resourceful guide provides valuable insights into ground covers, flowers, and ornamental grasses. This book is one of the best resources when planning your next flower garden at home. Learn all about how to care for your flower garden this season!


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Working from home can be quite a challenge, especially when dealing with work-life balance. Although there are plenty of online strategies to assist with working from home, Florboxoxo can provide strategies to decompress each day by surrounding oneself with indoor flowers. Whether you reside in the city or you are in the suburbs, you can enjoy your very own indoor flower garden! Check out our top three ways to secure healthy, thriving flowers indoors. Read More





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