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Florboxoxo | A Boho Red Barn Mountain Wedding

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

A Shabby Chic Boho Picnic at a Red Barn Wedding Venue

This laid-back family picnic celebration took place at an unapologetically shabby chic red barn wedding venue tucked off in the mountains of Golden Gate State Park, Colorado. This windy city couple escaped from societal pressures of an exuberant, over the top, Pinterest-pinning wedding for a more relaxed, pared down forest mountain getaway. This delightful outdoor red barn wedding was flowered by Florboxoxo and photographed by Erica Steinhouse Photography. In the presence of only close friends and family, Chicago natives, Kevin and Katie, recited their vows surrounded by Colorado’s mountain forest of towering signature golden leaf aspen trees complete with a nearby rocky flowing stream. Our destination wedding couple selected minimal wedding party flowers and flower accented accessories for their lovable boho inspired red barn wedding!

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Shabby chic was the inspiration for this muted peach toned King Protea bridal bouquet, perfect for an earthy mountain red barn wedding at Colorado's Golden Gate State Park.

- Florboxoxo

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Florboxoxo king protea boho chic bridal bouquet red barn wedding venue flowers
King Protea Boho Chic Bridal Bouquet

Boho Chic Wedding Floral Design

Shabby chic was the inspiration for this muted peach toned King Protea bridal bouquet, perfect for an earthy mountain red barn wedding at Colorado's Golden Gate State Park. A fragrant wildflower mountain meadow served as the concept for this apricot and sage boho inspired floral design. Shop this wedding flower list to replicate our flower design at home!

Florboxoxo flower recipe king protea boho chic bridal bouquet flower list

Shabby Chic Boho Red Barn Wedding Flower Decor Essentials

In lieu of specific wedding party color inspirations, our team of florists were stimulated by the red barn wedding venue’s mountain forest backdrop. Naturally cultivated and fragrant wildflower meadows served as a design concept when building out the foundation for this colorful wedding floralscape. For instance, the King Protea, although a tropical flower, because of its rough, hearty textured aesthetic, this flower performed as a design staple for this boho shabby chic vibe at a red barn mountain wedding.

Closely following the mountain wildflower concept, our design evolved outside of the usual techniques of color matching with the bridal party fashion to simply developing a list of complementing pastel color tones based on the native wildflower species found in Golden Gate State Park. It was here within this creative exploration of native wildflower colors where the list of orange blossom, neutral peach, soft artichoke sage, and mustard yellow became the foundation to our floral design for this boho chic wedding.

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Florboxoxo floral lace wedding dress designed by melissa familara red barn wedding venue golden gate state park
Floral Lace Wedding Dress Designed by Melissa Familiara

Boho Chic Wedding Dress and Style

Anticipatingly awaiting the bridal arrival at the aspen tree altar, the groom fashioned a cane sugared brown wide notch lapel suit with a complementing wide cut peach sorbet tie. The adorable flower girl petaled down the aisle in a darling pint-sized floral embroidered tulle layered white dress. Glowing down the aisle, to showcase her light, airy, and whimsical floral laced wedding dress, the bride featured her fiercely gorgeous ginger ringlets in a low bun bridal hairstyle with natural toned makeup. This warm hearted mirthful thespian bride dawned a bespoke ivory wedding dress consisting of an exposed back with sheer butterfly sleeves highlighting a modest portrait neckline presenting an A-line fitted floral laced bodice, layered with a chapel length embroidered tulle panel train.

This boho chic wedding dress was handmade by the budding talented fashion designer, the bride’s very own dearest bridesmaid and sister-in-law, Melissa Familara. Following the bridal trend of multi-styled bridesmaids' dress variations, the maids wore an assortment of pink chiffon and floral laced bridesmaids' dresses sourced from Anthropologie's wedding collection, BHLDN. Adding a personal touch to the wedding attire, with consideration to his sporty shoe collection, after the formal ceremony, the groom and his groomsmen all stepped out for the reception in their favorite sneakers.

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Shabby Chic Boho Red Barn Wedding Entertainment and Menu

After the couple recited their vows in the hidden forest ceremony near the gently flowing spring, the guests walked up the trail to the red barn wedding venue where they were greeted by the couple’s local favorite, Denver Taco Truck. Guests joyfully lined up as they eagerly selected from a choice of freshly grilled cilantro beef barbacoa tacos with an option of carnitas tacos styled with pork belly pickled green tomatoes and sriracha aioli. Considering their guests' menu preferences, a vegetarian option was provided as well featuring smoked hominy, roasted green chili pepper strips, and corn salsa with cotija cheese. Reception dinner was followed by a single tier flowered wedding cake doubled with cupcakes catered by Golden’s cornerstone bakeshop, Lucky Mary’s Bakery.

Out of the sun and into the shade, the reception was held inside of the red barn wedding venue. At each barn stable post, stacks of decorative hay accompanied the draped and poised ribboned stalks of lavender. To complement the rustic red barn wedding venue, copper infused chargers topped with accents of lavender were designed for this shabby chic fuzzy peach tablescape. In tuned with the boho mountain theme, guests selected their seats based on their place settings labeled with calligraphy keepsake stones.

With sustainability at the forefront, our wedding couple strategically repurposed their bridesmaids flower bouquets as table centerpieces for this red barn wedding reception. With theater as her love language, this professional dancing bride lead her groom onto the dance floor with a choreographed dance performance as the wedding party cheerfully joined as ensemble. Family and friends danced all evening long under the light strung barn stables with music provided by the Great Family Reunion.

Florboxoxo Red Barn Wedding Venue bride and groom golden gate state park wedding floral design
Red Barn Wedding Venue

Shabby Chic Red Barn Wedding Venue

Featuring a wildflower meadow with breathtaking aspen trees, this farmhouse inspired, exposed wood, shedrow styled red barn wedding venue was perfect for the outdoorsy couple's ceremony and reception. Formerly privately owned and now operated by the national park of Golden Gate State Park, this historical red barn features classic niched horse stables complete with a horseshoe pit. Metal picnic tables and ironed grills were added to accommodate the transition from a traditional generational livestock barn to a now charming and colorful red barn wedding venue. Located nearby the east side of the park on Crawford Gulch Road, this renovated red barn wedding venue features sheltered picnic tables, a camping fire with optional charcoal grills, and a playground with a mini volleyball court. In addition to this mountain red barn wedding venue, nearby outdoor activities include hiking, camping, or fishing. In celebration of their love, this down to earth city couple hosted an intimate refreshing mountain getaway for their shabby chic boho red barn wedding! - OXO

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