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Florboxoxo | Flower History | Top 3 Historic Flowers

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Flowers That Made the History Books

Flowers have always been a part of our heritage and will continue to influence our modern culture for centuries to come. Floral history is just as rich and colorful as the variety of flower petals. Amongst the many flowers, here are our top three flowers that made a historical impact on the twenty-first century.  - OXO

1.) Van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings (1888) 

Van Gogh is well known for his legendary paintings of sunflowers. In Arles, France, in 1888, Vincent became enamored with the glory and mystery of the sunflower. This artist painted only five known portraits of sunflowers, yet these paintings have been adorned and showcased for centuries in Van Gogh's signature regal artistic talent. According to historians, Van Gogh was inspired to paint the sunflower because he believed sunflowers represented gratitude for the sun.



2.) Egyptian Lotus (Ancient Egypt) 

In Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was highly significant within their culture. The lotus flower can be featured in artistry, sculptures, religious scriptures, and medicinal recipes. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the lotus flower as a symbol of their deity Nefertem. This deity was believed to be in relation to the blue lotus emerging from the waters to protect the land. The lotus represented reciprocity between humankind and the divine.



3.) Opium Poppy (7th Century - Present)

The infamous opium poppy has been responsible for aiding the advancements of western medication and has been notorious for illegal drug trafficking for centuries. However, the opium poppy is native to Euroasia; opium consumption became mainstream around the 7th century in China with the intake of pills, beverages, culinary and medicinal recipes. Opium consumption became popularized in the form of smoking, often combined with tobacco during the 17th century colonization of North America. Presently in recent years, this opioid has received a bad reputation within the pharmaceutical industry with western medicine, yet the flower's undying beauty and its natural healing properties must not be forsaken.



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From ancient Egypt to Greece, flowers were significantly used for religious and medicinal purposes. It was not until the the Victorian era that flowers were recognized as symbols of fashion. Check out a short history of flowers. Read More





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