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Florboxoxo | Our Flower Story Behind the Flower Box

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Curating Expressive Designs for a Rewarding Experience with Nature

Florboxoxo is a collective resource offering floral design for weddings, events, and door delivery. To ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, our flowers are artistically inspired by our clients with design collaboration for expert flower sourcing and professional arranging by our team of florists. Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. Serving as a designer and environmental advocate, arranging from her home studio, Naia Geni is excited to launch a new resource for floral design!


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Our Flower Story; Believing in Blooms with Nature versus Nurture

Dear FBOXO Clients,

Florboxoxo began as an inspiration from a classic bouquet of roses delivered to my front door by a beloved deployed soldier.

At the time of this romantic delivery, I was anxiously lonely and socially isolated, given my delicate circumstance as a first-time military spouse in a very long-distance relationship. Upon receiving those beautiful flowers, I vividly remember being carried away into a suspended trance of adoration and respect that left me feeling dizzy with first kiss infatuation, for I felt significantly admired. After a warm reception, flowers continued to be delivered bi-weekly, from orchids to peonies. I was enamored with gorgeous florals throughout our time apart!


This experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Flowers tell incredible stories, and if one can actively listen, one can learn the true lesson of nature versus nurture. In my journey thus far, I have learned that change is inevitable, and flowers teach us this invaluable lesson of acceptance and being present in our ever-evolving lives. As for the romantic gesture of gifted flowers -- what about this traditional, tried, and true adage that made me feel so important? It remains a mystery to me to this very day. I know for sure that everyone deserves the experience of feeling significantly special with a simple gift of floral design. What is your flower story?

– OXO, Naia Geni | Founder

Bloom Believer | Florboxoxo 

“We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that nurtures us.” – Jenny Uglow


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About Us | Florboxoxo

Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. From our online shop based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with professional floriculturists to arrange a creative blend of fashionably fun flowers delivered for any celebration!

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