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Updated: May 19

Every cupid holiday on Valentine's Day, gifting classic roses is the ultimate symbol of love and admiration! Whether this bloom is given as a single long stem rose, delivered in a harmonious rose bouquet, dispersed in petals, or professionally arranged in a trendy rose box, roses are among the world's most recognized and sought-after flowers! Our flower lineup would not be complete without an iconic rose box. Presenting our OXO Rose Collection.

Florboxoxo classic rose box white ivory small flower box
Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Classic Roses | Small
"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses!"
- Zig Ziglar

Here at Florboxoxo, we prioritize and preserve the floral legacy of the rose, for the rose teaches the invaluable lesson for the necessity of thorns.

Florboxoxo classic rose box pink medium flower box
Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Classic Roses | Medium

Florboxoxo classic rose box white ivory roses pink roses red roses flower box
Florboxoxo | OXO Collection | Classic Roses

Flower Design Inspiration

Our rose collection offers lipstick red roses, bubblegum pink roses, and white chiffon roses. Roses are layered together in an octagon shape, flawlessly creating a symmetrical contemporary and minimalist style. Pillowy rose petals peek slightly above our signature hatbox, inspiring a refreshed and lighthearted experience for our flower delivery customers.

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Despite every attribute, from fragrance to color variation, the rose represents eternal love because it defies age. When this flower withers and becomes lifeless, its' beauty and form are naturally preserved. Therefore the natural lifespan of roses is appreciated and celebrated with our OXO Rose Collection! Similar to our OXO Signature Collection, the OXO Rose Collection comes in three box sizes, varying colors, and is available all year round! – OXO


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