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Updated: Feb 6

Valentine's Day 2020 is here, and roses are at the forefront of every true love's daydream! Whether the roses are gifted with a single stem, delivered in a harmonious arrangement, or dispersed in pieces of petals, roses are one of the most recognized and sought after flowers in the world! With society's growing expectations and demand for experience over display, the rose is remarkable because as a flower, it captures the very essence of this world; from happiness to sorrows, from youth to maturity, and from creation to expiration. After much deliberation, Flor Box OXO may have solved the mysterious riddle as to why the rose has dominated the universal language of love for centuries. Despite every attribute, from fragrance to color variation, the rose represents eternal love because the rose defies age, fore when this flower withers and becomes lifeless, its' beauty becomes naturally preserved!

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses!"
- Zig Ziglar

Here at Flor Box OXO, we prioritize and preserve the floral legacy of the rose; for the rose teaches the invaluable lesson of the necessity of thorns. – OXO, Flor Box

Roses are a cultured and traditional flower. This classic beauty has taken center stage within the bloom community for centuries. Leading with textures and color palettes such as cupid rouge, blushing pink, fairytale yellow, and timeless ivory, our collection would not be complete without a classic rose. Alike our OXO Signature Collection, the OXO Rose Collection is available all year round! - OXO, Flor Box

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Here at Flor Box OXO, our team of florists partner with professional arborists to curate a cohesive and creative blend of flowers that are fashionably fun! From classic roses to trendy succulents, we provide gifted floral boxes sent straight to your door with convenience and  satisfaction. Our Story

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