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Updated: Jan 2

Autumn encourages people to let go. Up until this point, with Fall approaching, most families and professionals are just trying to catch up and readjust their work life balance. For instance, rounding up the unpredictable yet adventurous summer vacations, families are now winding back down to their scheduled routine for school and career productivity. Although it can be a tedious seasonal transition, who says one has to have a dull mundane experience? From stylish boots and fuzzy sweaters to crochet scarves and wooly pea coats, we can still enjoy the fall festivities of floral design!

Introducing the debut of Flor Box OXO design collection for Fall 2019: Pumpkin Spice! What began as a seasonal trend, and is now is a modern tradition, pumpkin spice lattes are a favorite not only amongst local coffee shops but also this flavor can be found featured in cocktail drinks, brioche brunches, and beauty bars all throughout society. Although pumpkin spice lattes are absolutely post worthy, so are the gorgeous foliage in Fall florals! Paying tribute to this seasonal legacy only deemed fit for our debut for our Fall 2019 collection: Pumpkin Spice.

The Fall season is ripe for rustic fall foliage featuring mother nature’s color palettes and textures of burnt orange, birchwood bronze, cozy white cotton, and mustard seed yellow. The collaboration of florals and vegetation such as auburn pumpkins, crisp corn husks, and olive arugula were essential to this seasonal line up.

Whether it’s a formal family dinner party on Thanksgiving or a casual modern Friendsgiving, spice up the table with our debut Fall 2019 Pumpkin Spice Collection.

Here at Flor Box OXO, we celebrate the season for flower dormancy and hibernation; for the Fall season teaches us the valuable lesson of letting go to embrace change!

– OXO, Flor Box 

Flor Box OXO Collection | Fall Flowers
OXO Collection | Pumpkin Spice | Fall 2019

Feel inspired to treat yourself to some pumpkin spice? Shop the OXO Collection | Fall 2019!

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