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Updated: Oct 6, 2023

When considering flowers for a wedding celebration, all flower styles are an extension of the bridal bouquet, where it all begins. Westernized culture sets customary expectations for the bouquet. Over the centuries, the technique has evolved from a handful of flowers plucked from the forest and has now forged into an industry of artistry and fashion. From visionary geometric bouquets to reimagined garland bouquets, review our top 14 bridal bouquets to consider when making that journey down the aisle.


1. Round Flower Bouquet Style

The round bouquet is a traditional favorite for many weddings in the twenty-first century. This handheld arrangement is curated often with a circular flower pattern strategically placed around a central flower, thus creating a round shape. This bouquet has earned its place as a top pick amongst brides because of the versatility this style offers; this round-shaped bouquet can be paired with any type of dress or outfit. Bulbous flowers such as roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are best to emphasize the round shape. This bouquet is perfect for the bride and bridesmaids.

2. Nosegay Flower Bouquet Style

The nosegay bouquet is classic and has been around for centuries amongst all cultures because of its simple arrangement. This simplistic bouquet is petite in size with one to two flowers in focus, interwoven with greenery. This handheld bouquet is a unique pick amongst modest brides who prefer a subtle appearance when walking down the aisle. This sweet and straightforward bouquet can feature any flower paired with your favorite greenery. This petite bouquet can serve its purpose for bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers. Often times this small bouquet can be featured in an intimate quaint wedding or an elopement.

3. Posy Flower Bouquet Style

Like the nosegay bouquet, the posy bouquet is also petite and can be single-handedly held. The main exception for this particular bouquet is the nosegay bouquet. The posy bouquet features the majority of flowers, with minimum greenery. Any flower can be selected for this pint-sized round bouquet. This bouquet is also fabulous for intimate wedding gatherings or elopements. Bridesmaids, flower girls, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers often showcase this styled bouquet.

4. Single Flower Bouquet Style

The single flower is as simple as it can get when walking down the aisle. With no design assembly involved, the single flower is the most cost-effective. A wide range of flower selections is varied. Trophy flowers with elongated stems such as king protea, lily, or a single garden rose are often selected for this simple yet elegant fashion. The single flower stem is excellent for the bride who prefers to direct the focus and attention on the bridal gown instead of the flowers. Like the nosegay and posy bouquets, the single flower is also perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls, mother-in-law, and grandmothers. Despite its simplicity, the single stem can be often featured in small and large traditional weddings.

5. Wreath Flower Bouquet Style

The wreath bouquet is a resurfaced trend amongst innovative brides everywhere. This creative bouquet style has traditional wreath features with its circular shape and crescent-like focus of floral decorum. The fashion statement of a wreath bouquet can be sported with versatility. For example, it can be worn within the fold of an arm or handheld with one or two hands. This beautifully intertwined ensemble is optimal for the fashion-forward bride. Floral wreaths are also great for bridesmaids as well. Because of its diverse creativity, this wreath-styled bouquet can be featured in traditional themed weddings to eccentric boho-themed weddings as well.

6. Garland Flower Bouquets Style

The garland bouquet is the recent trend hitting the aisle with a promise to stay for years to come! The tried and true floral garland is no longer utilized for doorways and table centerpieces. This elongated rope of blooms and greenery is now being fashionably worn as a bridal shawl or scarf. Similar to the wreath bouquet, this bouquet is a fabulous selection for the edgy bride who desires to make an unforgettable first impression down the aisle. Bridesmaids can also be included in the fun of this stylized garland. Garden, beach, or boho-themed weddings are best for this design.

7. Pageant Flower Bouquet Style

The pageant bouquet is traditional and has earned its namesake from its often showcased presentation in beauty pageants. Loose and leafy styled flowers paired with greenery are arranged in a "gathered" or "hand-tied" fashion. Best held on the fold of the arm, this pageant-styled bouquet is a glamorous floral display and is often hefty and abundant in size. The unapologetically boisterous bride often adorns this style. The pageant bouquet can be featured in classic fairytale weddings to wild boho weddings.

8. Basket Flower Bouquet Style

The basket bouquet has been around for centuries, and although it is not as popular in modern times, this bouquet style is the foundation for the now trendy geometric flower bouquet. The selection of flowers varies with a "gathered" and "wildflower" appearance and are often presented in a styled basket. Similar to the wreath bouquet, this style can be fashioned within the fold of the arm or with two hands. This style is great for the classic outdoor bride and is synonymous with the traditional pint-sized flower girl basket. Garden, wildly boho, beach, or farm-style weddings often feature this style of bouquet.

9. Pomander Flower Bouquet Style

The pomander bouquet is a trendy styled arrangement that has been popularized by flower girls within the last twenty years. It was not until recently, with the pinning influence of Pinterest, that this unique bouquet was picked up by brides and bridesmaids. Usually featuring one consistent flower such as carnations, dahlias, garden roses, and peonies, this post-worthy bouquet is intricately curated to last all reception long. Tightly wrapped in a ball, this bouquet is then looped with a secure yet silky ribbon for handholding. This artistically contemporary bouquet can be featured in a range of weddings, from traditional country-themed weddings to modern metropolis weddings.

10. Geometric Flower Bouquet Style

The geometric framed bouquet is trending throughout social media and rightfully becoming a staple for weddings everywhere. In relation to its design origins stemming from the basket bouquet, this basket-like frame is transparent and wired in a cool geometric shape. Unlike the wicker-designed origins of a flower basket, this metal basket is handheld by a ribbon of silk or satin. This contemporary design is made for all sorts of flowers and greenery of all shapes and sizes. This modern bouquet provides a stunning display of artistry for bridesmaids and flower girls. This bouquet is best for contemporary themes with a boho nod or minimalist weddings with a city backdrop.

11. Crescent Flower Bouquet

The crescent bouquet has been coined as such due to its stylish, unique shape of an inverted arch. Throughout the floral industry, this bouquet has been notarized for centuries, and only until recently it has been receiving recognition amongst brides due to social media posts. Flowers range in variety with multiple shapes and sizes. The signature essence of this design is the leafy and loud greenery stems reaching beyond the classic round bouquet to create a wild and asymmetrical display. This bouquet is fit for any bride.

12. Biedermeier Flower Bouquet

The Biedermeier bouquet is a styled bouquet originating from the Biedermeier period of the 1800s in northern Europe. Similar to the round bouquet, these flowers are strategically placed in a circular pattern to create a round shape. The difference in design lies not within the shape but within the flower pattern. The type of flower does not matter. What is required are the consistent flowers patterned in a singular row, mismatching the rows of flowers when necessary. These bouquets can be featured for bridesmaids and can be highlighted in a variety of weddings.

13. Composite Flower Bouquet

The composite flower bouquet is a recent trend. Like the single stem flower, this bouquet also features one single flower. The exception is the handmade detail of petals literally compositing into one artificial larger-than-life blooming flower. Not all flower types fit the aesthetic requirements for this flower design. For example, petaled flowers such as roses, carnations, peonies, and others are prime for this flower design. Due to the complexity of creation, this flower is expensively worth the investment. These handmade blooms can be seen with bridesmaids as well, in addition to being featured in multiple themed weddings.

14. Cascading Flower Bouquet

The cascading flower bouquet is a traditional and everlasting flower bouquet that has remarkably stood the test of time. With a literal waterfall inspiration, flowers and greenery cascade down from the bride's hands, this bouquet still upholds first place when making a stunning first impression when waltzing down the aisle. The flowers vary in shape and size. This bouquet is often reserved only for the bride and is really seldom seen with bridesmaids and can also be referred to as the tear drop bouquet. This classic dramatic bouquet is lovely when paired with a cathedral styled wedding gown. It can be highlighted in a traditional storybook wedding to an outdoor garden setting.

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