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Updated: Jun 7

Local Small Businesses Value Feedback and Client Testimonials

Here at Florboxoxo, we strive for an excellent client experience. As a small business, our team understands the value of a client referral, and therefore, we prioritize our clients' needs. Each client is different in their specific reason for choosing Florboxoxo. It is imperative to provide personalization to meet those individual flower needs. For instance, clients who are requesting flower gifting usually do not need a custom consultation for floral design and yet sometimes, there are rare exceptions. Our flower team provided an in depth custom consultation for a bride to be, and when our team made an error, we took full responsibility; following up with immediate solutions. Review our client testimonial!

Florboxoxo Client Testimonial for Bridal Flower Gifts Custom Flower Box Orange Rose Box
Client Testimonial for Custom Flower Box Delivery for Bridesmaids Wedding Gift

Florboxoxo shop flower box delivery client testimonials for flower arrangements

During the launching season of Florboxoxo, a flower client, Chloe Williams, was engaged to be married. Chloe wanted to gift her bridesmaids custom flower boxes for the morning of the wedding. She, therefore, placed a custom order with our flower team.

During our floral consultation, Chloe expressed her floral design vision: she wanted each rose box to be tailored to each bridesmaid's flower design preference. As a local small business, we value customer feedback, and therefore when there was an accidental mishap concerning a typo for one of the bridesmaid's names, responsible ownership, and immediate solutions were implemented on behalf of Florboxoxo.

Emailed Client Testimonial:

I ordered a few flower boxes as a gift for my bridesmaids. When I received my flowers, there was a name typo on one of the personalized cards. When I spoke to a representative, they were understanding. Because of the florists's oversight, not only was I immediately issued a new card, but I also received complimentary corsages for each of my bridesmaids plus a 50% off discount coupon for a future purchase. I experienced excellent customer service. I will keep Florboxoxo in mind for future flower orders.

– Chloe Williams

The Power of Client Testimonials for Local Small Businesses

Client testimonials are a cornerstone of success for local small businesses. They offer authentic, credible endorsements that build trust and attract new customers. When clients share their positive experiences, it provides potential customers with reassurance about the quality and reliability of products or services. Client testimonials serve as powerful word of mouth marketing, enhancing your business's reputation and fostering a sense of community trust. We value all client and partner feedback and invite our loyal customers to share their experiences to help us grow and continue serving our community with excellence.

Priority for Client Testimonial and Customer Support

At Florboxoxo, we believe that client and partner feedback is essential to our growth and success. We strive to provide the best floral arrangements and customer service, and honest client testimonials help us understand how we can continue to improve. If you've recently purchased flowers from us, we would love to hear about your experience. Your client testimonials not only guide us but also help future customers feel confident in choosing our services. Please take a moment to leave a review or complete our quick Flower Survey. Your input is invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate your support!

Florboxoxo is committed to delivering the best client experience. As a local small business, we value customer feedback and are committed to resolving any customer concerns. If you have questions or concerns regarding your recent delivery, please contact us. - OXO

Florboxoxo Client Testimonial for Flower Box Delivery for Bridesmaids Bridal Consultation Wedding Flowers

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Our mission is to communicate meaningful floriography by curating expressive designs for a rewarding experience with nature. Based in Denver, Colorado, our florists partner with

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