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Here at Florboxoxo, we pride ourselves on prioritizing client experience, and providing quality products is an essential necessity for delivering results. Our primary focus within our delivery policy is to build trust with our clients through our timely deliveries and ensure clients receive the best return on investment. - OXO

Delivery Locations 

Florboxoxo provides same day delivery for professional and residential addresses throughout the Denver Metro Area of Colorado, USA. At this time, Florboxoxo does not offer local/same day delivery for deliveries located at P.O. Boxes and/or outside of the Denver Metro Area (25 Mile Radius from Denver, CO 80206) and/or weddings and events. Please review our Shipping Policy for details for deliveries outside of the Denver Metro Area.

Delivery Schedule

With the exclusion of holidays, we guarantee same day delivery for all orders received before 12:00pm. Orders received after 12:00pm are guaranteed for delivery the next day. Delivery timeframes for locations vary: business locations: 9am-6pm, residential/hotel locations 9am-6pm, hospital locations: 9am-6pm, high school/college campus 9am-6pm. All delivery timeframes for holidays are extended: 7am-7pm. Holidays include: New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Winter Holiday Season.

Delivery Cancellations + Refunds

  • Cancellations - Local/same day orders are processed immediately upon purchase and cannot be changed. Please contact us via phone to cancel an order that may have not been processed (303.999.8881). In the event of cancellation before order processing, only fifty percent (50%) of costs can be refunded. Please review our Refund Policy for details.

  • Refusals - There are no refunds in the event of a delivery refusal by the recipient and/or client.

  • Incorrect Addresses - In the event of an incorrect delivery address, a $50 address correction fee will be billed pre-processing and a re-delivery fee of $15, totaling to a required $65 fee for re-delivery. There are no refunds for incorrect addresses. Florboxoxo prioritizes our client experience with timely flower operations. Therefore Florboxoxo is not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect addresses submitted by the client.

  • Redelivery - If a recipient is not available at the time of delivery (i.e., no one is at home/office), addressed flower deliveries will be left at the door and/or porch and/or front desk. There are no refunds for non-available recipients. For re-delivery, please purchase a new order. Florboxoxo cannot be held responsible for missing or faulty products due to delivery drop-off or non-available recipients.

  • Monthly Subscriptions - Local/ same day delivery is unavailable for OXO Subscriptions. Please review our Shipping Policy​ for details.

Here at Florboxoxo we are committed to providing the best client experience. Please contact us for questions.


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