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Updated: Jan 2

Here at Flor Box OXO, we strive for an excellent client experience. As a small business, our team understands the value of a client’s referral and therefore we prioritize our clients’ needs. Each client is different within their specific reason for choosing Flor Box OXO, and it is imperative to provide personalization in effort to meet those needs. For instance, clients who are in need of flower gifting are usually not in need of a custom consultation for floral design, yet sometimes, there are rare exceptions...

During the launching season of Flor Box OXO, there was a particular client, Chloe Williams, who was engaged to be married. Although her wedding florist was already booked with another vendor, with her wedding budget in mind, Chloe wanted to gift her bridesmaids for the morning of the wedding with flowers. Chloe expressed how she wanted to personally design the gift of flower boxes according to each bridesmaid. To ensure the best client experience, Flor Box OXO team made the exception to bend the "industry norms" with extending our consultations for not only floral design, but also for floral gifting as well. When there was an accidental mishap concerning a typo on one of the bridesmaids’ names, there was responsible ownership and immediate solutions implemented on the behalf of Flor Box OXO.

Here is Chloe’s email testimony:

I ordered a few flower boxes as a gift for my bridesmaids, and each card featured a special message. When I received my flowers, there was a name typo on one of the personalized cards. When I spoke to a team representative, they were understanding. As a courtesy for the team’s oversight, not only was I immediately issued out a new card, but I also received complimentary corsages for each of my bridesmaids and a 50% off discount coupon for a future gift purchase. I experienced great customer service. I will most certainly keep Flor Box OXO in mind. – Chloe Williams

Flor Box OXO is committed to delivering the best client experience. If you may have questions or concerns regarding your recent delivery, be sure to reach out and contact us.

- OXO, Flor Box

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